I have decided to call a HVAC technician and get ductless air conditioning installed. First ductwork is a pain. Ductwork gets dirty easily. You do not want dirty ductwork. What happens is the dust gathers in the ductwork and then circulates in the air. People with allergies and asthma suffer. Allergies get really bad and asthma attacks are more likely to happen. Ductwork with dirt ruin the air quality. Also ductwork is prone to damage. Leaks happen in the ductwork easily. Most air loss is due to leaky ductwork. HVAC technicians can clean and repair your ductwork. Your technician could get this wrong though. Not properly trained HVAC technicians could damage your ductwork. They could cause leaks and more damage in your ductwork. Only properly trained HVAC technicians can clean your ductwork. Rather than doing background checks on your HVAC technicians just do not get ductwork. Look into ductless air conditioning today. Ductless air conditioning is better for your home. You will be more energy efficient. Due to no ductwork there would be no air loss. Also ductless air conditioning is zone control cooling. This means you no longer have to cool your whole house. Most people have central air conditioners. They have their home set to one temperature. They try to cool their entire house to the one temperature. This is not energy efficient. Zone control cooling will only cool certain rooms. You will save money not cooling your whole house. Also you are being effective with your cool air. The rooms you are in will be the most comfortable for you. So look into ductless air conditioning with your local HVAC technician like I did.thermostat setting

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