There are many ways to heat and cool your home while experiencing inclement or hot weather conditions. Some people use hydronic radiant floor heating and cooling systems. These systems are extremely efficient and deliver hot and cold air where you need it. They efficiently cool the lower portion of the room they are installed in. These HVAC systems are great because they do not stir up dust in your home. Forced air heating and cooling HVAC systems require the use of ductwork. Ductwork is often very dirty. Small rodents, mold and bacteria use your ductwork as a breeding ground. Small rodents often die in your ductwork too. This can produce awful odors throughout your home. When a forced air heating and cooling system turns on, it pushes air through the ductwork. There is often a collection of dust in your ductwork. The dust, mold, bacteria and odors will become airborne within your home. This can cause your allergies to become irritated. It can also worsen the effects of asthma. The dust that is forced into the air in your home can harm your HVAC system. There are filters that are supposed to protect your heating and cooling equipment. If the filters become dirty and clogged, the dust will start to harm you HVAC equipment. HVAC repairs are very expensive. If you operate a forced air heating and cooling system in your home, make sure you schedule routine maintenance with a professional HVAC technician. NATE certified HVAC technicians are the best in the field. Spend a little money now on maintenance to save a lot in the future.coolingdevice

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