I don’t know why more people don’t have a projector at their house. A projector is so easy to set-up and it gives you a way larger screen than a television ever will. When you start thinking about the size of the screen the projector is the obvious choice. Projectors now come in full HD and have just as good picture quality as the television. The only problem with the projector is that it does not have any speakers. You are committed to getting a home theater system if you do have a projector. The home theater system will give you the sound that you need to go with the video. Another issues is that you have to have a clear path for the light to travel. Nothing can be in between the projector and the screen you are hitting. You will also need the projector to be centered to the screen. If the projector is not centered it is going to bow the picture and ruin the quality. It has to be centered height wise and width. I would recommend talking to a business that professionally installs this kind of equipment. they can help you match all the inputs and find the exact system that you want. Home theater systems are all very different from each other and without the help of a professional you may not find the best one for you. It would be very frustrating to get a system that is not exactly what you want. Talk to a professional business and tell them exactly what kind of sound and picture quality you want. They can help you turn this into a reality.

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