Getting close to nature or finding a park in Denver, Colorado isn’t difficult at all.  Denver is known for their beautiful landscapes and scenery.  You won’t be able to miss it because you’ll be surrounded by it.  There are multiple parks to go to when you’re in Denver.  They have several city parks in Denver that are most definitely worth going to.  There’s beautiful flowers and landscaping at the Washington Park.  This park also has two lakes, and they offer boat rental for the day.  For the fitness gurus, there are multiple fitness options in Washington Park.  There’s a jogging path, bicycle path, fitness course, tennis courts, and soccer fields.  Washington Park is one of Denver’s most popular parks because it offers such a variety of activities for the whole family.  The City Park has a lot to offer visitors and residents as well.  Along with the lovely landscapes, City Park has a public golf course within its limits.  There are many flower beds, fountains and lakes also within this park.  Two of Denver’s biggest attractions are also located in City Park.  The Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are found in City Park.  This park really does have everything.  You can see beautiful landscaping and wild animals all in one stop.  There are so many other parks in Denver that you will just have to explore them yourself.  Go online and research all the nature sites and parks before you get to Denver.  You won’t be disappointed when you get here.  The pictures just don’t do the great city justice. 

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