I recently purchased a new home with my wife. We searched for months before we found the home that we wanted. The house came with many features. There is a large inground pool in the back yard. There is also a den in the basement. The den in my favorite place to hang out with my friends. When we bought our home, we were informed that there was a hydronic radiant floor heating system. We were not quite sure what radiant floor heating was, so we asked some questions. Hydronic radiant floor heating is an efficient way to heat your home. The method involves heating water and circulating it throughout your home. The heated water is pumped through pipes that are installed in your floor. These pipes carry the heated water and allow the heat to radiate out of them. As we all know, heat rises. When the heat leaves the pipes, it comes up through your floor. This ensures that there is a high concentration of heat near the floor. By concentrating the heat near the floor, you are utilizing more of the heat. Some HVAC systems allow the heat to collect at the ceiling. This is highly inefficient because you cannot feel the heat that has collected near your ceiling. With hydronic radiant floor heating, you are sure to feel the heat being produced by your HVAC system. Our new house has made my wife and I very happy. We now have the home of our dreams. There was even a HVAC technician that came to our house to welcome us to the neighborhood. He will be performing maintenance on our system in the fall.

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Most of us have been in a bad spot with our furnace. The furnace decides to quit and you’re left with an emergency to deal with. Buying a new furnace is a major investment. Not only does it cost a lot of money upfront, the decision you make influences how your home is heated for the next decade or two. It also affects how much your gas bill costs you per month. Unfortunately, most furnace purchases are done during an emergency and the buyer may not have a whole lot of time to do research and figure out what their options are. Before you call an HVAC business, consider the following information. If your broken furnace is 20 years or older, it probably is a 65-70 percent AFUE machine, meaning that furnace uses 65 to 70 cents of every dollar of gas you’re paying for to heat your home. By today’s heating and cooling technology, that’s pretty poor. New furnaces are usually around 80% AFUE. If you plan on being in the same home for five years or more, consider a 90+% AFUE furnace. Heating equipment is essential to enjoying your home. If you buy an obsolete furnace because you’re in a rush, you are going to spend a lot of money in the future on heater repair and high gas bills. Call a heating and cooling expert and get a professional HVAC technician to your home before you make any major decisions. Most HVAC businesses offer emergency appointments. They know you need a working furnace quickly. Let them help you make that happen.

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What if I told you that you and your family spend about 90 percent of your time indoors? Now, maybe some of that time is spent in an office building or school, but for the most part, you’re at home. Because you spend so much time indoors, don’t you think you should be concerned with the indoor air quality in your own home? The quality of air in which you breathe can influence the type of life you live. Better indoor air quality has many advantages such as better breathing and a healthier lifestyle. By scheduling regular HVAC service and changing your system’s air filters, you can drastically reduce the amount of allergens in your home. Does this sound familiar? Someone in your house gets sick. You do everything in your power to make sure you don’t get sick but you end up waking up one morning with the sniffles. Your home’s HVAC system, without a good air purifier, could be circulating bacteria and viruses without you noticing. Whole house air purifiers installed in your furnace or air conditioner filter the air within the air ducts before you breathe it in. These types of central air purifiers should be installed by an HVAC technician. Some people may argue that small, portable room air purifiers are better. While they are cheaper, they are much louder than having one installed in your HVAC equipment. By installing it in your heater and conditioner, your air purifier will allow you to control the temperature, humidity, air purity and air freshness of your entire home, not just a room or two.ACunit

In your home, saving energy means you will save money.  What better way to save energy than by not having to heat or cool your entire home?  If your heating and cooling equipment utilizes air ducts, then you have the option to install a zone control system.  Zone control systems allow you to choose where the treated air in your house goes and where it doesn’t go.  To install this system, heating and cooling specialists cut into your existing ductwork to place dampers inside.  The dampers can be controlled by you.  They are the device that actually opens and closes inside the ducts.  It can close to prevent air from going any farther or they can be open to allow air to pass through and eventually be delivered in your home.  If you don’t use certain rooms in your house, you can close the dampers so you aren’t wasting energy to heat or cool those spaces.  Zone control systems are very energy efficient.  You no longer need to heat or cool your entire house and waste all that energy and money.  If you wish to install a zone control system, make sure you research a professional HVAC business.  The specialists will needed to cut into your existing ductwork to install the new system.  If the air ducts aren’t sealed back up properly, they can lose air and actually make your system use more energy than before.  It is very important that the work needed is done properly the first time around.  Find a trusted HVAC provider in your area to get the best work done for your house.

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If you are searching for a new water heater, then make sure you find a trusted, knowledgeable HVAC business to help you along the way.  There are a few different types of water heaters, and a professional will be able to assist you in picking out the perfect one for your home.  The most popular type of water heater is a storage model.  This type ranges in sizes.  Smaller storage water heaters can hold about 20 gallons of water, while large water heaters can hold almost 80 gallons of hot water.  When you need hot water, storage water heaters begin releasing the water from the top of the tank.  In order to keep the tank full at all times, cold water is then pushed into the bottom of the tank.  Eventually, the cold water is heated and works its way to the top of the tank.  Another type of water heater is the tankless models.  There are two different styles of the tankless water heaters including point of use and whole house models.  A point of use unit is generally placed in a cabinet near the water source.  This individual unit supplies hot water to only that water source, and it heats the water when you demand it.  For a point of use water heater system, you will need multiple units in your home to supply warm water.  The whole house model works in the same way that it heats the water as you demand it.  However, the whole house tankless water heater has enough capacity to supply warm water to every water source in your house.

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When heating your home, you want the most energy efficient, safest, and most reliable system on the market.  There are two popular types of furnaces you can choose to install in your house.  Gas furnaces and electric furnaces are great at heating homes.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both of them.  Gas furnaces are are very dependable and last for a long time with regular maintenance.  They burn natural gas in order to heat your home.  The burning of gas produces a chemical known as carbon monoxide.  This chemical should be released outdoors through a flue connected to your heating unit.  Carbon monoxide is toxic and can be deadly if it is breathed in for an extended period of time.  If you have a gas furnace in your home, you should also have a carbon monoxide detector.  This device will notify you if it detects any carbon monoxide in the house.  The detector is crucial to have because carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas.  When installed properly, gas furnaces are great for heating and keeping your home comfortable.  Electric furnaces are very energy efficient.  They use 100% of the electricity they take, so you are never wasting energy.  In addition to energy efficiency, electric furnaces are also safe.  They don’t burn natural gas so there is no threat of carbon monoxide leaking into your house.  However, electric furnaces can sometimes overheat leading them to turn off by themselves.  If the unit turns off, allow the furnace to cool down then try to turn it back on again.

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Your heating and cooling system is a large appliance that is very expensive.  You should have the right equipment controlling that system.  Selecting a thermostat for your home is very easy.  There are a variety of different thermostats to choose from.  Manual thermostats are the basic model.  They are also known as a digital thermostat.  These models are easy to set and read, and you must adjust the temperature by yourself.  Another model to choose from is the wireless programmable thermostat.  This thermostat comes with a remote, so you can change the temperature in your house from the couch or your favorite recliner.  The best feature with this thermostat is that you can program your preferred temperature settings, so it will adjust itself.  If you set your thermostat to have different temperatures throughout the day and night, this would be a great model for your home.  The most high technology model is the smart thermostat.  The smart thermostat learns your behavior and adjusts accordingly.  Over time, it will remember when you turn the temperature down and when you turn it up.  It can start to do that for you, so it is one thing you don’t have to worry about in your busy life.  When you are out of the house, you can also change the temperature with your smartphone or tablet.  Adjusting your thermostat to use less energy when you aren’t home or during the night when you’re sleeping is a great way to save energy.  This method will save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy.  Get a thermostat that helps you save energy and money.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t need to heat or cool your entire house?  You wouldn’t need to waste so much energy, and in return, you would save money.  If your current heating and cooling system uses air ducts, you can get a zone controlled system installed within the ductwork.  Zone control systems have many benefits.  They allow the homeowner to control where the air goes in their house, and they also allow for decreased energy usage.  You will save money by getting this system installed.  A professional HVAC business will need to cut into your existing ductwork in order to place the dampers.  Dampers are what open and close within the ducts to direct the airflow.  If you don’t want to supply heat or cooled air to a certain room, you can just close the damper near that room.  It is very important that you find a heating and cooling specialist that can do this work.  Cutting air ducts can be risky, because if they aren’t sealed back up correctly, many problems can occur.  Air can leak out of cracks or holes so you would end up wasting more energy than before.  Dirt and dust can also get into the ductwork through those cracks.  Dirty air ducts are not benefitting you at all.  The air you breathe would be contaminated with those particles instead of being purified like it should be.  Zone control systems are very beneficial when the work is done correctly.  So, call a trusted, professional HVAC provider to help you plan out your new system.

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My friend recently moved back into his parent’s house. Although he was grateful that his parents allowed him to move back in, he preferred to live in the pool house in the back yard so that he had a little more privacy. He figured he was going to be there for atleast one year and wanted to give his parents a gift to thank them for allowing him to stay there. He decided he wanted to install a heating system for the pool house so that his parents could use it in the winter time when he finally left. My friends contacted many heating businesses in the area to find the best deal. He then asked them to come out and see the pool house so he could have them see what the best way to implement the different air ducts and heating vents. Although this was an expensive gift, he felt that it was worth it and that his parents could use it in the future. Once the heating system was paid for and installed, he also scheduled a regular maintenance system so that the unit would not break down unexpectedly. While he was there he also made sure to keep the entire pool house clean so that the filters and air ducts stayed clean and unblocked. This was a very generous gift that my friend gave his parents and they were thrilled when they heard that he was doing it. Who would have thought that a heating system would be such a great gift to get your parents?

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It is very easy today to look up different HVAC providers in your area. The internet allows for the search of customer reviews, different web pages, and blog posts about different HVAC providers. Personally, I like to ask my friends and family if they have had any experiences with HVAC providers and what their recommendation is. I put so much effort into this because, HVAC’s are expensive and if I were to pick a poor HVAC provider then I would end up paying more in the long run for maintenance than I did for the unit all together. The process that I follow is to first look up all of the HVAC providers in the area with an internet search. Next, I narrow down the number of providers by comparing prices and support services. Then, I narrow the search even further by comparing customer reviews, who usually talk about the HVAC technicians and if they are friendly. Finally, if there are still any HVAC providers left, I consult with my family and friends to see what their opinions are on the different company. This whole process is excessive but it does save me money and allows a consistent air quality in my home. I have experienced not searching for a quality HVAC provider and it has turned out miserable for both my family and bank account. Now, I know to put the effort in to pick a quality HVAC business so that I can have peace of mind with my air quality.

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