A few years ago my family decided to make a larger investment. We all wanted something new for the home and we could not decide what to get. My older brother wanted a hot tub for our house. We all protested and said that we would not use a hot tub enough to justify the cost. My brother insisted we purchase a hot tub. We all decided to give in and get our home ready for installation. What you need to do is first pick a location. You want a good site for your hot tub. Pick an even ground that is sturdy. A filled hot tub with multiple people is very heavy. Pick a reliable spot for the amount of weight. Most hot tubs are put outside and I recommend this highly. No matter the temperature you can enjoy the outdoors. My family goes in the hot tub quite often in the winter. I would recommend putting your hot tub under a roof or covering. At first our hot tub was outside next to our pool. This was at first nice. Transitioning from pool to hot tub in the summer was enjoyable. But in the winter nobody wants to walk very far in their bathing suit and get snowed on. Our hot tub is right outside our porch door now. You can be outside and look at the snow. You are covered and safe from being extremely cold too. Before you put the hot tub in your location you should put in concrete. This will add value to your home. Four inch thick concrete under your hot tub ensures the investments safety. Also your hot tub looks better too.

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Did you know that a lot can go wrong with your pool? I have personally experienced this myself. Having a swimming pool is difficult at first. When you decide to open your pool and pour chemicals in, a lot can go wrong. Your pool can be infected by mold, slime, and algae. Most of these water issues are due to poor maintenance. Also this means that the water was not properly sanitized. Also the water is not properly circulated and balanced. When your water is discolored that means you have a chemical and filter issue. My water changed from brown to green and even turned a clear color. None of these colors are desired by a pool owner. The reason our water turns these strange colors is due to outside contamination and a dirty filter. Your surface area on your pool can get ruined too. Your liner could wrinkle and the sides of your pool could get stained. These issues are due to improperly balanced water and improper chemical addition to your water. Chemicals are hard to get right. How much or how little do you put in? I worry about my eyes constantly. If I add just the right amount of chemicals I can open my eyes underwater. If I allow my father to decide the chemical usage, then I am in trouble. He also adds too many chemicals and swears it is crucial to bleach the water. When it comes to chemical issues and water issues I call a pool professional. The pool professional can help you decide what chemicals to put in and when. They can stop your eyes from burning and your hair from turning green.

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Central heating and cooling systems are definitely the most conventional way to regulate the temperature inside of your home. But there are different ways to do this as well, especially if you have certain temperature concerns. For example, my wife hates cooking in a hot kitchen. We live in a warmer climate so opening the windows usually doesn’t help cool it off. I tried appeasing her with fans and small window air conditioners. She didn’t like these options because they’re ugly and take up space. I called my HVAC provider and had a technician come out to my house. I wasn’t sure if he could solve our problem, but after looking at our current heating and cooling equipment, he suggested a zone control system. He said I could direct our current air conditioner’s air into the kitchen at different rates. This would make the kitchen cooler while the rest of the house remained at a higher temperature. It sounded expensive, but he assured me it would be worth it. In about a day, he installed dampers in my home’s air ducts to redirect the cool air. The dampers are wired to a control panel that I can control. I can now keep my kitchen cool without overworking the air conditioner and wasting energy. Because I can now regulate the temperatures within my house more efficiently, my utility costs have actually gone down. While I’m happy I considered installing a zone control system in my house, I’m grateful that my HVAC business was able to help me along the way.

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I thought I could get through it but I just couldn’t take it any longer. The summer was just too hot. I remember watching the local weather channel one day and hearing the meteorologist say that July was the hottest month in my area since the early 1900s. Our average temperature was north of 90 degrees. I didn’t know what to do. I was having trouble sleeping, I hated coming home from an air conditioned office to extremely hot house. Even my wife, who usually enjoys warm weather, began to complain about the temperatures in our house. So I finally broke down and called a local HVAC business. A technician came out the next day and laid out his plan for my home’s brand new central air conditioner unit. At the time, our house didn’t have any ductwork. I was very inexperienced when it came to air conditioner install and didn’t realize how much planning had to be done. With the help of my HVAC technician, we were able to decide the place to hang the air ducts. After that, they installed our air conditioner in just one day. At one point, I was going to try and install my own central air conditioner. I’m so glad I chose not to do that. By hiring a professional heating and cooling business, I’m confident that my HVAC equipment is installed properly and that it is running efficiently. They also gave me a very good warranty. With our new air conditioner, my wife and I can rest comfortably in our own home.


What type of clothes do you wear? Do you buy clothes that are cheap and do not last as long? It seems that when we buy cheaper it does not last as long. I know everytime I buy a new television it breaks within a year. I am not willing to put in the extra cost. Clothing though is the same name. Designer clothes and brands are so expensive. But expensive clothes feel better. The clothes also last longer and look better. Any purchase is the same way. The more expensive means the better the product. This rule is true for heating systems. Furnaces and heat pumps are not too expensive. Boilers are much more expensive. But boilers are a better product than other systems. Boilers are very energy efficient. If you look into condensing boilers you can cut carbon dioxide emissions by twenty five percent. Condensing boilers cost a lot but will save you a lot. Do not let the price affect your decision on boilers. The initial price is high but boilers save you money on your following heat bill. This money will add up and the boiler will end up paying for itself. Also boilers have multiple heating applications. You also can consider solar powered and other energy efficient options with boilers. What you should do is call your local HVAC technician about boilers. Allow these professionals to tell you about the numerous benefits of boilers. These technicians are NATE certified. This certification proves their knowledge and first hand experience in the heating and cooling field. They know how to advise you for your heating needs. Call about boilers today.

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Winter HVAC

With the cold, snowy months quickly approaching, you should start getting your home ready for winter.  You don’t want to be stuck in the dead of winter with a broken furnace, so get a tune-up before you even turn on the heat.  You should get a system tune-up every year to make sure things are working properly within the unit.  Certified technicians can inspect the furnace and make any necessary repairs to it.  Air filters should be changed once a month, especially during the peak heating season.  Clogged air filters can cause a variety of issues, and you don’t want to be stuck with furnace issues ever.  If your system starts making strange noises or has low to no air output, those may be signs of a clogged air filter.  Clean it or replace the filter immediately before it causes major damage.  When preparing your house for winter, you should also check your windows and doors.  If windows and doors aren’t sealed properly, it can lead to air loss.  Air loss means wasted energy and wasted money.  It is better to get these things checked out so you aren’t over working your furnace this winter.  Programming your thermostat is also a great way to save energy during the cooler months.  To save energy and money, set your thermostat as low as comfortable this winter.  Excessive heating is wasteful.  When you are out of the house for an extended period of time, you should reduce the temperature a few degrees.  This will save you a substantial amount of money each year.

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When you schedule maintenance on your systems make sure to look at the serviceman. Maintenance on our heating and cooling systems is important. What maintenance does is keep our air conditioner, furnace, heat pumps, boilers or other systems working efficiently. The HVAC professional can clean these systems and have them be more effective. When cleanings our neglected the systems can overheat and breakdown. Also the system has to work harder to heat and cool your home. Cleaning the system and the ductwork along with the system keeps your air clean as well. The dust in the ductwork will circulate in your home. People with allergies and asthma really suffer. Itchy, red and watery eyes usually occur. Also most people begin sneezing and feel run down. Asthma attacks are more frequent when your air quality is bad. You want a qualified HVAC technician to clean your heating and cooling systems. Also your technician can check your systems. Your air conditioner frequently has refrigerant issues. The technician can fix the low refrigerant or leaking refrigerant issues. Also other common issues are sensor and electric issues. The technician will check your thermostats and see if they are working correctly. The will fix compressor and fan controls that are worn out. On a furnace the technician can oil the blower and replace the furnace filters. Regardless of the system the HVAC professional checks to make sure everything is all good. They look for rust, corrosion and broken parts. Regular service and maintenance keeps your system running longer. So check to make sure you have the right serviceman for the job.

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I really like to work out in my house. What I do is skipping, pushups, situps, jumps and run stairs. I hate running outside. Running ruined my feet and I could not be barefoot. That is the key element. I love being barefoot all the time. In the summer I like to go for walks around my property. I walk barefoot the entire summer. My feet get stained, calloused and tough. I also get stung by bees a couple of times in the summer. But that is the price to pay to be barefoot. I even go barefoot in the winter in my home. What is terrible is our flooring. Our kitchen is completely tile. Our living room has thin carpet. This means our floors are always cold. Most of the time I can feel the cold air right against the flooring. When I workout my feet go numb. I hate socks with a passion and refuse to wear them. This means working out is uncomfortable. I constantly have the cold feet issue. I then went to my parents house and they had radiant flooring. It was absolutely amazing. The floors were warm and I was comfortable. I was able to walk around barefoot without a problem. My house needed this heating system. I immediately called my local HVAC technician to install radiant flooring in my home. It was fairly simple. It is either pipes or electric mats under or in your floor. The HVAC technician helped my husband and I decide on pipes carrying warm water under our floor. Look into radiant flooring and save your feet today.

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Heating gear

Everything benefits from a good clean. I know I feel better after I have showered. I have an entire cleaning ritual. I use sensitive skin soap on my entire body. This keeps my skin soft and does not dry it out. I then use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. While I put one of the products in my hair I shave my legs. I use moisturizing shaving cream to prevent cuts. Then after the shower I lotion my entire body. I have some much energy and I am efficient in my day. I know if I skip my shower and go right to work I feel unproductive. This is the same for our heating and cooling systems. Our systems need to be cleaned to run well. When your furnace or air conditioner is dirty they are not efficient. The system works harder to provide warm or cool air. Your furnace and air conditioner can also break down if cleaning is neglecting. This is just like people. We get sick and are not productive anymore. Do not let your systems get worn out. Schedule regular maintenance with your local HVAC technician. Call the technician early to schedule an appointment. Be smart about your appointment. If you are calling about your furnace the middle of winter is not a good idea for an appointment. The HVAC technicians might not get to your home for awhile. If you are calling on an air conditioner do not call in the middle of summer. Think ahead and make your appointment. Have regular maintenance dates where the technician checks your system.


Throughout the year, we experience all different types of weather outdoors.  You need to be prepared and your home needs to be prepared for these changes as well.  During the winter, you are constantly running your furnace to create a cozy and comfortable environment indoors.  Before even turning on your furnace, you should get a regular system tune-up in the fall.  Professional HVAC technicians come to your house to inspect and make repairs to your heating system.  They often can catch small issues before they turn into large, expensive repairs.  System tune-ups are essential in order to have a consistently working furnace throughout the entire winter season.  Without a winter tune-up, you run the risk of your furnace breaking down or not producing heat in the middle of winter.  Everyone wishes to have adequate heat during the coldest months of the year.  The same applies to your air conditioning system.  A system tune-up for the cooling system should happen in the spring before you use the AC.  A technician will make sure the system will work properly and give you the best cooling throughout the steamy summer.  When running the furnace and air conditioning units during the year, make sure your house is air tight.  Any leaks in your windows or doors results in air loss, wasted energy and higher energy bills.  Setting your thermostat for the season is also a great way to prepare your home for the weather changes.  These simple steps can give you a great heating and cooling experience all year long, with minimal repairs or replacements.

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