I want a new heating and cooling system for my home. I used to have a furnace and a air conditioner to heat and cool my home. Both of these systems are forced air systems. They are set to one temperature. They attempt to heat and cool your home to this one temperature. Also these systems have ductwork. Ductwork was awful to deal with. It was always dirty or damaged. I would lose a lot of air due to ductwork. I decided for my next system I did not want to incorporate ductwork. I also did not want two systems. I did not want my HVAC technician to install a heating and a cooling system in my home. I looked into heat pumps. A heat pump is an indoor and outdoor unit. How a heat pump works is moving heat energy. You decide where you want the heat to go. If you want a warmer home the heat energy will move to the indoor unit. If you want a cooler home the heat energy moves to the outdoor unit. You get cooler air by refrigerant and a compressor. The air is just as cold as it would be from an air conditioner. This system is one system to clean and maintain. It is also energy efficient. Ductless heat pumps are an option in heating and cooling. You do not have to worry about ductwork or air loss. Your HVAC technician can install this system easily in your home. This system also will require less repairs because it is just an indoor and outdoor unit. The system will still need maintenance but the amount of maintenance a furnace and air conditioner needs.

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