It is essential that homeowners schedule annual service for heating equipment.  Whatever type of heating system you rely on, it is a complex appliance.  It also carries a heavy workload.  Over time, small faults will begin to negatively affect performance.  You may notice longer run times.  Operational noise may rise.  There might by a burning smell.  Comfort in the home will decrease.  Without regular maintenance, you are waiting for your system to fail.  This is the most costly form of maintenance.  During a seasonal service call, a technician will perform a complete system inspection.  Every component is checked for proper operation.  Potential problems are revealed.  They can then be corrected before they lead to sudden malfunction.  This service is about five times less costly than the average repair bill.  And if the entire heater should completely fail, it will cost you at least fifty times more to replace it.  There is also the disruption to your home and schedule.  A faulty heater is also a safety risk.  There is the danger of fire.  There is the very real concern of carbon monoxide entering the home.  Yearly troubleshooting ensures proper startup, operation, and shutdown.  When maintenance is scheduled in the fall, there is time for replacement parts to be ordered and installed.  You’ll know that your heater is ready to handle the coming winter.  The majority of malfunctions are prevented through professional tuning.  That means less chance of a major problem on the coldest night of the winter.  If difficulties occur outside of regular business hours, emergency service may be required.

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