I do not have ductwork in my home. I want a cooling system though. I researched online and most cooling systems have ductwork. I did find two ductless options for my home. There is ductless mini-split systems and ductless multi-split systems. The difference between these two systems is how much the cooling systems can cool. A ductless mini-split system is really meant for a single room. Ductless multi-split systems can cool your entire house. I want this system for my home. I do not have ductwork and I do not want it installed. Ductwork installation is a mess and the maintenance of ductwork is too much. I love that this system does not require ductwork. Also this cooling system is powerful. Ductless multi-split systems can cool your entire home. This works out well for me. I am a stay at home mom. I am in all of my house everyday and all day. I clean up my children’s rooms and I am in the laundry room frequently. I also really like to cook. I have a big family and cooking is a process. I am in the kitchen for a long time and the heat gets unbearable. Also I live in a very warm climate. The heat is not what I am used to either. I used to live in the northern united states and experience snow and cold all the time. I have now lived in the southern United States for a few years and the heat is still a lot to deal with. A ductless multi-split system could cool every room in my house so I do not get overheated.


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