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The air in your home can be very polluted. There are many different types of indoor pollutants. Pet dander is one that I did not know about. Pet dander is produced in your home when you have animals. The best way to get rid of pet dander is to get rid of your pet. This is not always an option. People love their pets and they want to keep them. I have a dog named Fluffy. As you can imagine, Fluffy is a very hairy dog. I love my dog very much. I would never get rid of him. I thought that there was no other option. My friend told me about an air purification system that can help to remove pet dander from your home. I did not know who to ask about the air purification system, so I called my HVAC technician. The HVAC technician informed me of a few different air purification options. He told me that they could be installed on my current heating and cooling system. I was excited to hear this. The air purifiers I found online looked like they would take up a lot of room in my apartment. The HVAC technician told me of the other benefits of an air purification system. He told me that my indoor air quality will greatly increase after operating the system for only a few days. I am also supposed to frequently check my air filters. If the air filters get clogged, then the system will not work well. I already check the filters on my heating and cooling system, so this should not be a problem.

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