We all need to do a little maintenance. We need to cut our hair and fingernails. We need to shave and exercise. Our bodies require this maintenance to feel good about ourselves. This is the same for machinery and technology. My car needs maintenance all the time. I just recently got an oil change on my car. Because I had not changed the oil on my car in so long there was a part broken. I had to get this repaired too. It ended up costing me a lot of money. If I would have scheduled frequent oil changes my vehicle would be running smoothly. I did not want to pay for the maintenance. Because I did not do the maintenance it ended up costing me more money. This is just like our heating and cooling systems. Maintenance performed by a HVAC technician can save your heating and cooling system. Maintenance extends your system’s lifespan. Maintenance does this by making your system more energy efficient. Maintenance on your system means it is getting cleaned. Cleaning your system makes it more energy efficient. When your furnace and air conditioner get dusty they do not work as well. Your furnace can overheat with dust in it. Have your local HVAC technician take a look at your furnace filters and replace them. Do not let your filters get clogged up with dust. Your system will overheat and then will break. This will cost you more money in repairs. Maintenance is cheap and efficient. Call your local HVAC technician and inquire about the benefits of maintenance.

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