Several things can go wrong with the furnace. One issue could be your furnace is not producing enough heat. This is caused from a clogged filter. Your furnace in addition to air conditioner have filters. These filters get clogged up with dirt. This reminds me of when I do laundry. Everytime I put in a brand new load of laundry in the dryer I must clean the lint trap. The lint gathers in the trap and makes it so the dryer cannot work as easily. This is the same for filters within your furnace. When your furnace filters are dirty the furnace is not able to produce enough heated air. It requires your heating system to work harder to heat your property. Also your furnace cannot properly heat your house. The heating system has to work to be effective and it potentially gets ruined. This is just like the dryer while using lint trap. If your dryers lint trap seriously isn’t checked and cleaned then your current clothes stay wet. The system can’t perform its job properly. This will be the same for the furnace. You need to check the furnace filters quite often. Mark it in your calendar on a monthly basis to check your furnace filtration system. The furnace filter should be cleaned every month. Take the fitler out of the system and clean it with water. Clean in between the coil fins at the same time. This will make your central heater run better. Every three months it is best to get a completely new filter. Filters are not meant to be able to keep on being rewashed. They can only take countless cleanings before they are not functioning properly. You want properly functioning filters since they stop your furnace from overheating.

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