Indoor Air Quality is a growing problem.  Poor air quality negatively impacts health, comfort, and well-being.  Problems may be caused by any combination of factors.  Every home has its own, unique set of circumstances.  The majority of Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors.  The air you and your family breathes is as important as what you eat or drink.  While it is easy to recognize food and drink that is bad for you, identifying issues with air quality is more difficult.  It may require professional assistance.  Air quality specialists have the sophisticated tools and methods to pinpoint pollutant sources.  The technician can measure contamination levels, check energy efficiency, and for proper ventilation.  Temperature and humidity are significant in that they directly affect comfort.  The HVAC specialist should develop and implement proactive measures to prevent and resolve air quality issues within your home.  Investing in air quality products can go a long way to improve health and comfort.  These systems incorporate into the HVAC unit, working to remove contaminants and prevent the growth of bacteria.  You’ll enjoy a cleaner and healthier home.  You’ll feel more comfortable.  You’ll also save money.  Air quality products not only keep your home cleaner, they protect your HVAC system from inefficiency.  Less dust, dirt, and debris will infiltrate and clog the inner workings.  The system will require less maintenance and less energy to operate.   You’ll spend less on utility bills and chemical cleaning to remove stubborn mold and mildew.  Your HVAC system will also last longer.  Air quality products work silently and continue to operate even if heating and cooling isn’t needed.

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If you live in a region that experiences severe cold, you may want to consider the installation of an electric heat pump.  Combining an electric heat pump with a gas or oil furnace or boiler is called a dual fuel system.  You benefit from the maximum efficiency of both units.  The system automatically alternates between the two energy sources, depending on the outdoor air temperature.  The heat pump provides air conditioning in the summer.  When temperatures are mild, the heat pump also handles warmth.  When exterior temperatures drop below thirty-two degrees, the heat pump can no longer handle the heating needs of the home.  That’s when the furnace of boiler takes over.  The advantage is that the heat pump is far more efficient to operate in milder temperatures.  As weather conditions vary, the system switches between the heat pump and furnace to draw upon the most cost-effective fuel source.  This allows greater energy efficiency.  Because the hybrid dual fuel system offers the flexibility to work with multiple fuel sources, it offers protection against fuel cost increases.  The electric heat pump finds ambient heat in the air and transfers this heat.  When there is insufficient ambient heat, the system relies on the furnace to maintain ideal temperatures.  The switch point of the system is determined by the dealer.  During the summer, the heat pump reverses operation.  Instead of finding ambient heat in the air, it extracts heat from the home.  The blower of the furnace then acts as a variable-speed fan.  A hybrid system can save three to four percent from total home energy use.


In the winter time there is nothing better than coming home to a warm house. This drastically increases the comfort of your home. If you do not have an efficient heating system it will not only make you uncomfortable but also put the structural integrity of your house in jeopardy. A homeowner has a responsibility to maintain their system. If they find a problem they should contact their heating provider right away so the problem does not get worse. Some common problems for heaters are clogged air filters, dust and dirt, and electrical problems. Forced air heating systems have air filters. These filters protect from large particles jamming up your heating unit. If the filter becomes too clogged it can cause some big problems such as reduced air flow, overheating and inefficient operation to name a few. Although the systems have filters some dust and dirt still gets into the machine. These pathogens can build up on moving parts and can cause poor performance and indoor air quality problems. Finally, a common problem for heating repairs is electrical problems. Electrical problems are hard to avoid because the cause is internal/. Things such as igniter problems, fan motor issues and compressor problems can cause the heater to break down. Your heating unit should be maintained on a regular basis to avoid these issues. A quality heating provider will have several maintenance options for you to choose from. Although regular maintenance is needed, it is will not avoid all breakdowns. Heaters are machines and breakdown even with the utmost care.

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I am a high school cheerleading coach.  As cheerleading has evolved, gymnastics has become a main requirement.  I often assist my cheerleaders as they attempt difficult gymnastic skills.  Many of girls are working to master their roundoff back-handspring.  To help them, I must lift their back and guide their legs.  It can be somewhat strenuous.  I recently tore my psoas muscle while assisting a cheerleader.  I noticed the pain while still at cheerleading practice, but it didn’t really set in until later that night.  The pain kept getting worse and worse.  Because of this injury, I was mostly confined to my house for the next week.  I could barely walk.  Getting up the stairs was a huge undertaking.  Sleeping was nearly impossible.  I had trouble finding comfort in any position.  I spent a lot of time on the couch, watching TV.  I read quite a few books.  Since it was in the middle of winter, I was extremely thankful for my furnace.  With a remote control, I was able to raise and lower temperatures without getting off the couch.  When we are mostly away from home during the day, the furnace isn’t as important.  When I was stuck in the house all day, I relied on the furnace for comfort.  I am now more careful about changing the filter every month.  I have signed up for a maintenance plan with a local HVAC contractor.  They will send a technician in the fall to inspect the system and make sure it is operating properly.   The furnace is essential to our home comfort.

Many businesses rely on their climate control system in order to keep their products fresh and their quality high. Grocery stores are one of these and need a specific climate in order to maintain their products. There was a grocery store in my area that had not maintained its HVAC system and accordingly paid the price. During a hot summer day the HVAC system broke down and the grocery store went into panic mode. The managers and employees were rushing all around to try and move the perishable goods into a cool area. Luckily the store had a good relationship with one of the other stores in the area and was able to transport their good to that store for the time being. The HVAC provider quickly sent over a technician to fix the HVAC unit. The reason for the breakdown was just the wear and tear of everyday use, the technician explained. The grocery store thought there was more too it but apparently there was nothing they could do. The HVAC technician recommended buying a generator or a backup HVAC system incase if another breakdown were to occur. It was frustrating for the grocery store because they relied so heavily on the HVAC unit to work that they were basically forced to buy a backup unit. The expense for the grocery store had just increased by double but now they could worry less about their HVAC unit breaking down and having another fiasco. Although it may be frustrating to put so much money into a unit, if it is the corner stone of your business it is essential to have a reliable system.

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Colleges are expected to meet certain necessities for their students. The students pay a lot of money not only for the college’s amenities that they provide such as food and dorm rooms but the basics as well. Shelter, food, and water should all be of good quality for the students so that they can learn properly. The utilities in the dorms need to be maintained as part of these expectations of the students. At a college in New York, the heating system broke down during the winter time and they ended up having to move all of the students in the dorm to a hotel. The whole fiasco cost the school thousands of dollars and the students being very upset. The heating unit broke down because it was not properly maintained and the heating provider could not send a technician to come fix the unit for a full day. By the time the technician got there the buildings integrity was in jeopardy of being compromised because of the cold. The school ended up becoming very upset with the heating provider because that they took so long to provide a technician. Although I see it as the school’s fault for not having regular maintenance on their unit, the school switched heating providers anyways to please the students and students’ parents. The school’s reputation was in question and they had to fix the problem. A college needs to be on top of their utilities on campus. Heating units are considered an essential and are expected to be maintained.

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There are some things in life we’re taught at a very young age. My father was a self-proclaimed mechanic and was constantly in our garage working on the cars. To this day, I know exactly what’s wrong with a car by just seeing or hearing it. For example, if the car is whining as it accelerates, the transmission is either old or ready to die. If there’s periodic friction as the car comes to a stop, the caliper might not be releasing or the rotors could be warped. I know these problems immediately. However, when my HVAC equipment started acting up, I had no idea what was wrong or what to do to fix it. I called the HVAC business that installed my furnace and central air conditioner a few years ago. They sent a technician to come look at my heating and cooling equipment. I was slightly embarrassed because this was the first time I had it looked at since it was installed. The HVAC technician eventually found the problem. The gas valve had been corroded. He replaced it and my heater worked like new. Because I was interested, he also talked me through some of the common HVAC problems. He explained to me that the air filters in my air ducts are extremely important when it comes to efficiency. He said to replace those every few months. He also said if water ever collects in the drain pan, that means the drain lines are clogged. He went through a few more common heating and cooling issues so I can hopefully diagnose them myself in the future.

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There are many reasons to take care of your heating and cooling equipment. Your home’s heater and air conditioner are expensive pieces of equipment. Just like anything of value in life, it will be beneficial in the long run to make sure your equipment is in good running condition. The best way to ensure the longevity of your HVAC equipment is to call a local heating and cooling business. They will set you up with a service program where a certified HVAC technician will come to your house two to three times per year. Although this may cost a couple hundred dollars, you will actually save money in the future. Your heater and air conditioner can begin running inefficiently quite easily. All it takes is for your air filters to get clogged, your ductwork to crack and leak, or your liquid levels to get imbalanced. If an HVAC technician is able to inspect your heating and cooling equipment, even just two or three times per year, you can feel confident in avoiding these issues. Not only will your equipment last longer, but you will actually save money in utility bills as well because your heater or air conditioner will be running efficiently all the time. And remember, a good HVAC provider will have technicians that have your best interests in mind. Don’t be afraid to call a few businesses before you make a major heating and cooling decision like a new install or major repair. Scheduling service with a reliable HVAC provider is a great decision.

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Recently I was at a large get together in my town with some of the most successful businessmen. I ended up talking to a man that owns a few successful shopping malls in the area. He explained the difficulties in managing all of the different stores. He told me that not only dealing with the different companies that rented space out was hard to deal with, but maintaining the facilities was difficult as well. For example, up keeping the utilities in the shopping centers was a constant hassle. Apparently the HVAC units on his shopping centers need constant attention because they are so important to his buildings. If the HVAC units were to break down then the climate inside the buildings would be off and people would not want to come shop there. There is also an agreement with the stores that rent space that the owner of the facilities needs to up keep the space. The climate control in the buildings not only affects the businesses in there but the man who owns the entire shopping center as well. The businessman also explained that he needed to have a special contract with his HVAC provider so that a maintenance schedule is guaranteed. I never would have thought that a heating and cooling system would have such a big effect on a shopping mall. It seems like it is always the small things that no one notices that have the greatest effect. I will never walk into a mall and not think about the HVAC unit for the facility again.

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There are few things I like more than being outside during the winter time. I love to snowmobile and snow shoe. However, I also love the feeling of coming home to a warm house after being outside in the snow all day. I can thank my quality heating unit that I had installed when I first built my house. I searched all over for the best heating provider in my area. Once I found the business that gave me the best price, a quality heating unit, and good customer support I had them install it right away. The thing that I stay on top of the most during the winter months is regular maintenance on my heating system. I do not want an unexpected breakdown to occur and my house to be freezing. My neighbor did not do this and ended up having his heating unit break down. His pipes ended up freezing and bursting and they spent a lot of time and money to clean up the mess. Not only do I not want this to happen to me but the comfort ability factor is very important to me. I would hate to come back to my house and not have my heating unit working. Regular heating unit maintenance is essential to keeping your house warm and yourself in a good mood. If my heater were to ever break down I would not only have to take my family somewhere else to stay but buy beer to keep me warm as well. However, the latter does not sound so bad.