I recently moved into a new house. It was not as shocking as the first time I moved into a new house. There are many different expenses that you don’t think of as you move into your own house. If you moved out of your parent’s home into your new home, you will definitely forget to account for many different expenses. Some of those expenses include cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, and many other items. Some people even forget to budget for utility bills and property taxes. I am well aware of all of these expenses though. I am also aware of the expenses associated with heating and cooling your home. These expenses can often be more expensive than they should be if you have an old HVAC system. My new house has a ductless mini split air conditioner system installed. This type of air conditioner is extremely efficient. I used to own a forced air heating and cooling system. I never use the heat in my house though. That is because the climate where I live is too warm. A ductless mini split air conditioner will not experience any of the issues that are experienced with ductwork. One thing that I have known about ductwork is that it can cause air loss. Air loss means that you will be wasting money while attempting to cool your home. When you waste air, you waste money. I do not like wasting money. Ductless mini split air conditioners are extremely energy efficient too. They have a variable speed motor that comes installed in them. This helps to save money on your cooling expenses.

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