Are you ever shocked you forgot to do something? I’m a fairly organized guy. My job requires me to be that way. When it comes to work, I’m good at keeping things in order. That carries into my personal life. I never forget appointments or prior obligations. My car is serviced after I drive a certain number of miles. My dentist appointments are almost always six months apart. That is why I was shocked to hear my air conditioner die last week while I was sitting on the couch. Not that my air conditioner is dependent on my mechanic or my dentist, but that it died because the air filters were clogged. After I heard my cooling equipment shut off that day, I headed to the basement where I heard it making a strange noise. I called the HVAC business I use and had them send a technician to my house the next morning. The HVAC technician checked my air filters almost immediately. When he pulled them out of the air ducts, there was so much dirt and dust that you couldn’t see any light through them. I knew that wasn’t good. The HVAC technician told me this particular filter should be replaced every four weeks. I knew I hadn’t swapped those filters for new ones in at least two years. My air conditioner was working extremely hard to push air through these filters. After months of overuse, my aging cooling equipment finally died. I’ll obviously inspect my HVAC air filters at least once a month in the future.


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