As a high school job I would replace heaters in people’s homes. This was as back breaking as it sounded. I would need to go into the person’s home uninstall the heating unit with a partner and then carry it out. After that we would need to bring the new heating unit back in. I got a few benefits from having this job. First off I became incredibly knowledgeable about the installation process of heating units. I knew what the right way was to install the unit. I knew what calculations needed to be run in order to make sure the system was sized correctly. I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to lug a heating unit into a person’s home only to find out that it needed to be switched with another one. The sizing falls on the shoulders of the technician.  A good technician will run all of the right steps in order to make sure you get the right unit. Next I learned how to take care of my unit. I saw many heating units that were mistreated and needed to be replaced well before they should have been. I know now that having a good maintenance program is essential. Many people neglected their units and did not have them tuned up regularly. This resulted in their unit having minor problems then eventually turned into catastrophic ones. Although my job may have been very physically demanding it did help me in the long run. Now as a homeowner I know what to do for my heating unit.

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