Exercising is one of my favorite things to do. There is no better feeling than pushing yourself to the limit and then looking back on the feat you just accomplished. Personally, I run every day. I try to run between two to three miles every morning. I then go to work. On my way home, I stop at the gym and lift weights for about an hour. It feels great, especially now that I’m getting older. I always make sure the food I eat is fresh and healthy. Unfortunately, I never worried about the air I was breathing. Despite being in good physical shape, I began getting sick and having difficulties breathing last year. After weeks of this, a friend finally suggested I have an HVAC business come into my home and inspect my indoor air quality. I had never thought about that. A few days later, I had arranged for a professional HVAC technician to come look at my equipment. The very first thing he did upon arrival was inspect my HVAC air filters. I was disgusted with what I saw. There was a lot of dirt, dust and other debris collected in both of my air filters. He opened the air ducts and there was a good amount of dust in there as well. After all these years of taking care of my body, I never thought my heater and air conditioner could affect my way of life. My heating and cooling equipment had been blowing dust around my house for a long time, affecting the indoor air quality of my home.HVAC tune-up

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