No two people are the same. Everyone has different preferences. For example, my mom likes vanilla ice cream and I like chocolate. Even more specifically, I am comfortable at a certain temperature when I sleep at night than what my sister is comfortable at. It was very frustrating growing up in our house with this difference in opinion. In the summer time, my sister wanted the air conditioning turned down very low. She loved to sleep in the cold weather. I was the exact opposite. I wanted the air conditioning on, but not so cold that I could not sleep. We would constantly argue over this. It came down to the point where we would have to take turns on who set the temperature on our thermostat. When I became older and started a family of my own I wanted to avoid this problem. I went to my HVAC provider and asked if there was a system that could fix this. She recommended a zone control system. She explained to me that with this system I would be able to control the temperature in each room. For example, if I wanted to set my daughters room to sixty five degrees and my room to seventy then I could! Furthermore, I would be saving money since the house did not need to heated or cooled to a certain temperature. I would be using less money and my HVAC system would have a lot less stress. I was very happy to not have to deal with this problem again. Thank goodness for modern technology.


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