Heating and cooling equipment is expensive to purchase. I miss the days when I rented apartments. The only reason I miss those days is because I did not have to worry about maintaining my dwelling. Now that I own a house, I am responsible for repairs to my home. A few summers ago, the roof on my house began to leak. I ended up needing to replace the roof and some boards on my house. The roof leak caused some damage to the inside of my home too. The drywall got wet and fell off of the ceiling in one spot. My father taught me a lesson about maintenance that day. I now have regular maintenance performed on my house, vehicle and HVAC system. The maintenance on my HVAC system is simple. This is because I purchased a maintenance contract from my heating and cooling service provider. They automatically come to my house every fall and spring to service my HVAC system. My maintenance contract helps me to never forget to have heating and cooling maintenance performed on my equipment. The technician checks for cracks in my heat exchanger, leaks in my fleu and ensures that my thermal coupler is working properly. In the spring, he checks my air conditioner. He makes sure that the condensate drain is not clogged with mold or debris. He also cleans my cooling fins and makes sure that my compressor is working properly. This helps to keep my heating and cooling bills to a minimum. I am always sure to check my filters too. They can easily become clogged with dust.


Ductless AC

I have been trying to figure out ways to increase my income lately. I decided that I was going to convert a portion of my garage into an apartment. The amount of money I would need to invest would not be very much. The investment would most likely recover its costs within the first two years. After the costs are recovered, the rent income will be free cash flow. I can take this new income and invest it on another project. While I was in the beginning stages of building this apartment, I realized that I forgot one major component. I had not considered air conditioning for the unit. I called my heating and cooling technician to see what his thoughts were on an air conditioner for the unit. He suggested that I install a ductless mini split air conditioner. He said that ductless mini split air conditioners are relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate. The installation costs are much cheaper than a forced air conditioner. This is because a ductless mini-split air conditioner does not require the installation of ductwork. Ductless mini splits are also able to be maintenanced very easily. These air conditioners can efficiently cool an apartment so that it is comfortable. It is still necessary to have routine maintenance performed on a ductless mini split air conditioner. I am glad that I called my HVAC technician because I was going to install a more expensive system. If you are thinking about installing a new air conditioner, make sure you consult a professional. They have the necessary knowledge to choose the appropriate cooling solution for your home.


When building your new home, one of the most important days is the installation of your utilities. One of the most common reasons that people have problems with their utilities is poor installation. It is fairly easy to do the research and find out how to oversee the installation process. I told my sister about these facts and made sure she listened. I told her where to find the information and that she needed to oversee the installation of her air conditioing unit. Wouldn’t you know it, after she had done the research she discovered her technician was trying to cut corners! She forced the technician to do the job correctly and to test the system to make sure it was working. After the system was installed, my sister was still infuriated with the technician. If she had not followed my advice, she would have most likely had a lot of problems in the future with her air conditioning system. It sucks that you cannot trust everyone to do their job the right way. Doing the proper research is just a way of covering your investment. My sister ended up giving the company who employed the technician a terrible review online. The business probably lost some potential clients due to my sister’s actions. I was proud I told my sister what to do and she listened for once. Although it can be time consuming, doing the research about installation processes is essential. Make sure to spread the word to family and friends and they may just listen like my sister did.

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Many modern homes are designed to look nice and be very efficient. This means they are built to hold in air in the home in order to minimize energy loss. This is great for to maximize efficiency but it can reflect poorly on your air quality. Air filtrations systems come in handy to fix this problem. There are a few different types of air filtration systems that can combat pollutants in the air that is being pumped into your home. A few common systems are air cleaners and air purifiers. Air cleaners use a dense media filter to remove many type of pollutants from the air. There are different types of filters you can apply to make the filter more efficient. These systems are normally installed in the ductwork of your home or in the air handler. Air purifiers use electrostatic energy to remove pollutants from the air. The pollutants that pass through the filter receive an electric charge and a plate with the opposite charge collects the pollutant. This plate does need to be cleaned or changed regularly so that it is still effective. Both of these systems have been proven to be successful in making the air quality of your home better. Most local heating and cooling providers offer these products. Although they may cost you a lot more money, it will be worth it for your health. No one should be breathing in a lot of pollutants and an air filtration system can make sure you do not.  It is worth doing research and investing in these types of units.

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