There are several times that I work late into the night. The winter is the worst time to do this because it gets very chilly. It is always the coldest through the night. The move from my car towards my house is never one I want to have to make. When I do make it into the house it’s very satisfying. My house is often very warm and comfortable. I merely put in a new electric heating system a couple of years ago. It has been working perfect for me. When I get home I am also very tired. I go to sleep within an hour of getting home. I did not turn in so quickly last night because my furnace was not working. I got home from work and noticed my house was feeling unusually cold. I traveled to check the thermostat. It failed to seem like it was doing the job. My house was not getting warmer. I had called the HVAC technician to come to my house. I knew they had a 24 hour emergency service I could use. When the HVAC technician checked out my system he knew what the problem was. My air filters had been extremely clogged. They needed to be cleaned. I did not understand why they needed to be cleaned. I only put my HVAC unit in a couple of years ago. I thought air filters lasted a very long time. He told me that regular tune ups remove the air filters to reduce this from happening. It is always a good idea to get one. I could have prevented this night time problem. I only needed to get a tune up. He said he was charging me for the night time assistance. He would also perform a tune up on my system while he was there. I appreciated everything he did for me. I was able to end up in a warm bed very quickly after I called the HVAC technician.


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