I do not need air conditioning in my house. I live around several trees that will keep my home pretty cool most of the time. My house can still feel more humid than it seems to be outside. I do not bother getting an air conditioner because it is less I need to worry about. I have a fan and use it when I want to. I also have a new pool that helps me stay cool. I am also in the office all day during the week. An air conditioner seems pointless for me to have. I have noticed though that my walls have some condensation on them. This summer has been very humid already. My shower seems to have to be cleaned more often because of mold accumulation. I also need to clean my house often because I have a big dust build up. I thought I might need to install an air conditioner to help me get rid of these awful problems. They were too much for me to handle by myself. I looked up the number for an HVAC business. I called them and spoke to an HVAC professional. He informed me that I may not need an entire air conditioning system. A dehumidifier can solve my problems easily. I scheduled an appointment to have a dehumidifier put into my house. He showed me how the item worked. He told me to look at it every so often to ensure it is working properly. Since I had the dehumidifier installed I have noticed a difference within my home. It seems a little cooler and every one of the problems I had before have gone away. I spend less time cleaning my home. I am able to enjoy a little extra time to myself. The air quality of my home has increased as a result of it feeling less humid. I could not be happier that I did not spend a ton of money.

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