Winter is usually my favorite time of all seasons. I get very excited for the holidays. My family gets together for many special occasions. I do not see them often therefore the holidays are a joyful time of the year. However, some problems tend to arise in the winter. Last winter I had called my HVAC technician about a humidifier. He recommended I buy one. I was having difficulties with the air quality in our home. The air was very dry and I my allergies were acting up. My skin was also progressively getting drier and drier. He suggested I put our humidifier somewhere we spend a lot of our time. There will be more moisture plus the best air quality there. Thankfully, I have not had any problems since I put the humidifier in. The air quality of my home has improved greatly. Last week, I noticed a puddle from the humidifier. I called my HVAC specialist. He came to look at the humidifier. The cause of the problem was a blockage in the supply range. He said he could fix it easily and the humidifier would work again soon. While the humidifier was not working, I could feel our home becoming dry again. The dryness went away right after he fixed the humidifier and it started running again. He told me I shouldn’t have any more problems. Humidifiers do not need a great deal of regular maintenance. They can run for some time. His service was greatly appreciated. I did not want to feel uncomfortable in my own home. I am glad that I do not need to deal with the dry house that I used to have.

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