Getting away for a vacation it usually just about the most relaxing thing you can do in a year. Just recently I decided that my friends and I needed a vacation and went to stay in a little place known as the Florida Keys. I had been planning for our trip in the middle of January and I thought July would be an awesome time to go. Now we handle the heat pretty well, for example we spend most of our summer at the beach, but it was almost unbearable for us. For the first couple days it was good, we would sun bathe for a while and then go cool down in the air-conditioned room before the night started. This was until the AC unit stopped working. I called right down and asked that they send someone up but it took forever for an employee to come check out the issue. Within those few minutes the hotel had gotten so warm that it was uncomfortable and sadly there was nowhere to go to escape the heat. Once someone finally came up to figure out what was going on they had to call in a professional HVAC technician. From what I over heard the hotel did not maintain their AC units and there were several calls for repairs lately. I couldn’t believe that these people neglected something so important in the atmosphere we were in. I can’t even imagine the number of air conditioning units that the hotel had. There must have been a whole lot of energy being used and and then wasted by them not keeping them up to date. Although we were appalled about the hotel itself the HVAC service technician repaired my AC unit in our room. It was a pretty quick fix and for the last week of our trip we were back to our normal routine. The issue with the air conditioner was merely a little hiccup in our stay but it really wasn’t the best memory that we could have had.

air conditioner tune-up

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