I once lived in the South. I moved north to be close with my family. I didn’t need to move north but I missed all of my family and friends. I do not like the winter. When I was looking for a house to buy I needed to get an efficient heating system. I wasn’t exactly sure what heating systems are better than others. I bought a house with a gas furnace. I had this changed to a electrical system. I was concerned with the gas furnace having problems and breaking down. I did not want excess fumes filling my home. These fumes can be dangerous. I did not want to take any chances. I am very happy with my electrical heating system I had installed. By having an electrical furnace, I do not stress about fumes filling my home. I do not worry about fires developing. The chances of a fire happening are mitigated. I am not home a lot so I do not worry about the house. I may pay more than I would with a gas furnace however it is worth it. The electrical furnace is a lot more efficient. All electricity that comes to the furnace gets turned to be to heat. The HVAC technician had no issue installing the system. They could get rid of some parts as well. I understand that the electrical heating system is not perfect. It will need repairs sometime soon as it gets older. Right now I manage the HVAC equipment. I find time to get regular tune ups. This helps me be sure everything runs efficiently. My heating system helps everyone who visits enjoy the winter weather a little bit more.

rf schraut HVAC

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