Do you ever wish you could go back in time? I know I definitely wish that I could. We all do things or say stuff that we end up regretting. It’s an awful feeling once you realize you screwed up in past times because it is impossible to return and fix your mistake. For example, I took the wrong girl to my school prom. The girl I had taken was very immature. The girl I should’ve taken never talked to me again after I failed to ask her. I regret things apart from my senior prom. I regret not having my HVAC equipment properly serviced. I really screwed up there. Earlier this summer, my air conditioner began making some odd noises and ultimately quit. The days following this breakdown were incredibly hot, but I had to wait for my appointment with the HVAC company. The problem probably could have been avoided if I wasn’t so cheap. When I was having the air conditioner installed, the technician asked me if I wanted to sign up for a maintenance program. I told him no. I profoundly regret that decision. I could’ve paid a few hundred dollars to have my own system inspected twice. However, I’m now facing a $700 repair fee to get a three-year-old piece of cooling equipment fixed. I feel sick to my stomach when I think about that mistake. After I got the repair done, I definitely signed up for the HVAC maintenance method. It will give me peace of mind and also save me money while doing so.

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