Like a young girl in college, I have trouble paying for many things. I have many bills month after month that I pay for. College is not cheap, even though I wish I possibly could go for free. I live on my own and have to feed myself everyday. While attending classes at the university I work a full time job to pay bills. My car is probably the most expensive one. I have difficulty with my car every month. I still will not have air conditioning in my car. On hot summer days, my car is awfully uncomfortable. The only times I’m able to escape heat are at school and at home. At home I know I most certainly will always have air conditioning. My mom always taught me to manage my HVAC system. You never know when it might break. The more often you be cautious of it, the less problems you will have to take care of. She was right. I get regular tune ups to avoid my HVAC unit from breaking. I have not had a concern since I have had it installed. I worry more about it in the winter since I really could have my plumbing freeze. That I will find to be even more of an issue. There are more expenses involved. Since I take care of my HVAC system I know I do not have to worry about this. Any time I need anything or have a question, I call my helpful HVAC professional for help. They are always excellent and willing to help. They generally remind me of their practical 24 hour emergency service to ensure that in any case I am able to call. I feel like being a college student I have used my money wisely with my HVAC system. I pay for tune ups but it will help me with future costs in addition to expenses in the future.


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