I am about to go to an indoor concert. My mother loves to go to concerts. Leading up to summer my mother researches online and chooses concerts for us to go to. This summer I have seen The Rolling Stones, Santana and I am about to see The Doobie Brothers. Some concerts are outdoors. The last concert was. It was so hot out. They crammed everybody together and it was very warm. It felt like being inside a furnace. The next concert I am going to is an indoor arena. I hope there is air conditioning. Too many times I have sweat through my pants. I always end up sitting next to someone who is rather large. They always take up more than their fair share of seat. They really should have to pay for two seats. They are spilling over into mine. There skin is touching my skin and it causes me to sweat. I get irritated and unhappy. I am getting to the point where I do not like to go to concerts anymore. Maybe if they air conditioned the venue I would be happy. I heard that the backstage area for the musicians gets cooled. Why can’t the audience be cooled? They could use a ductless multi-split air conditioner. There could be multiple units around the building. Each area could even be a different temperature. Ductless units can be set for zone control. Where the musicians are could be really cold. You could still cool the audience but not as cold as the musicians. I am willing to take anything.

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I think of myself as a pretty handy person.  I have a tool kit that the cast of Home Improvements would love, I have built most of my own furniture, and can fix just about anything.  When I moved into my first apartment, I built my dining set as well as put together my bed frame and headboard.  I think my favorite tool would have to be a hammer – you can hang pictures, build items as well as kill big bugs with them.  However, the one thing I couldn’t fix is my heater.  I heard a strange noise coming from the furnace after I adjusted my thermostat and decided to check it out.  I realized that there was debris around my HVAC system and the air filter was very dirty.  I also noticed that the ventilation did not look right.  My first thought was to call the furnace manufacturer to see what HVAC technician they would recommend, however, I decided to take a crack at fixing it myself rather than pay to have a technician come out.  I changed the air filter, cleaned the debris but then realized that I couldn’t reroute the ventilation by myself.  I actually think I made my broken furnace worse.  I ended up calling an HVAC technician and setting up a repair appointment.  What I found out was that there are different options out there other than a furnace to heat my home, such as a heat pump or utilizing an electric furnace versus a gas based one.  This would reduce my carbon monoxide exposure, however, it heats slowly.  A heat pump may be my best option because it is the most efficient via utilizing heat from the outside air to heat my home during the winter, moving the heat around my home which keeps the temperature consistent. 

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As a homeowner, you definitely enjoy the break from the cold winters.   In our home, we heat with a boiler when necessary, but primarily with wood.   Using a fireplace or woodstove comes with many responsibilities as well.   We can tend to take for granted that when it gets cold, we can simply light a fire. There is a checklist of items that your local professional can do to make sure that you are safe and warm as winter approaches.  As Fall arrives one of the first things that should be checked is your chimney.   Over the Summer, birds or small animals may have decided that the top of the chimney was a comfortable place to make a home.   Leaves and debris can collect in the screen as well.  Chimneys  need to be cleared of soot and creosote. You can contact a local Chimney Sweep to help with this task.  Once all of these tasks have been accomplished, you can feel much safer when you light the first fire.   It is also important to choose the right firewood.  Burning hardwoods such as hickory or cherry will give you a more efficient burn as well as less build up in your chimney.  If you experience long winter months such as in the Northeast Regions of the United States, buildup of soot can happen quickly if you are using the wrong type of wood.  Softer woods such as pine will burn quickly, give off less heat, and create buildup twice as fast.    Making the right choices and preparing your fireplace or wood stove properly make all the difference in your comfort for years to come.




I love my grandma more than anything. She is one of the most caring individuals I have ever encountered. When she got sick a few years ago, I was really scared that I was going to lose her. She was tough, though, and ended up pulling through. Her breathing is very limited nowadays after she fell ill. She smoked for close to forty years so her lungs are quite beat up. To make sure she was living in a safe environment, I decided to contact an HVAC provider in her area at the beginning of the summer. When I spoke to the company’s representative on the phone, I explained to her my grandma’s situation. She put me through to her boss who was actually the owner of the company. He said it was refreshing to hear someone concerned about their indoor air quality. He told me that your heater and air conditioner can blow around all sorts of pollutants if your system is quite dirty. People with bad allergies or respiratory issues can really suffer. He was able to send an HVAC technician to my grandma’s house a few days later. The man installed an air purifier and also set her up with some fresh air filters. It feels good knowing that I am doing everything that I can to help my grandma have a better life. I know her HVAC equipment isn’t going to hurt her now. That air purifier could actually add a few years to my grandma’s life. I will never take heating and cooling products for granted again.

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Summer is my favorite season.  Warm temperatures, nice breezes and spending as much time outside as we can.  This past Spring was pretty tough we lost our 100 year old maple tree by our house in a nasty thunderstorm.  This tree made it quite nice in the summer because it shaded the house from around 10 in the morning until 6 at night.  We never had to worry about air conditioning because the house was naturally cooler.  This summer we started to notice the upstairs of our house was always muggy before bed.  The downstairs wasn’t as cool as it was when the tree was there.  We would run fans in the bedrooms, living room, dining room and hallway.  Having that many fans was definitely not energy efficient.  We decided to purchase a portable air conditioner to keep in the living room to take that heavy humid air out.  Once the air was cooler in the living room we moved it to the bedroom.  This task of moving the air conditioner a couple times a day with a toddler was tedious.  We decided to talk to a heating and air conditioning technician to see what we needed to do to our furnace to provide air conditioning as well as the heating it was already providing.  Luckily our thermostat was already set up for heating and cooling and it was as easy as installing cooling equipment like the air conditioning evaporator coil, refrigerant, and a condensate line.  Our furnace’s cooling equipment was installed within a day and the house was providing cool air in no time.  HVAC service

I live in a rather large city in the south. I moved there straight out of college to find myself, “a grown up” job. I successfully did this and now I can honestly say that I love the work that I am doing. I am slowly making my way up the corporate ladder and have landed myself a nice cozy office. The only dreadful part of my job is the commute to and from work. The ride itself takes about 30 minutes but after being stuck in traffic, it usually takes about an hour and half. It is miserable. The other day I finally got home and my house was sweltering. It hadn’t seen cool air since I left that morning.There was something seriously wrong. The air conditioner was not working at all. I went to the thermostat, nothing seemed to happen when I turned it all the way down. I was hopeless and I knew I couldn’t fix it, so I called an HVAC business. Thankfully they were still open. A technician was on his way before I even hung the phone up. I was preparing for the worst. I figured I’d have to spend hundreds of dollars. The HVAC tech came and inspected the unit, and was making the repair in less than five minutes. My refrigerant levels were significantly low. Although I still have no idea what that really means, I gathered from the technician that it has to do with the actual cooling of the air. Either way, the air conditioner was back up and running within minutes. I was so pleased. The HVAC business number will definitely be saved in my phone if any further repairs need to be made.


I have always counted on my Dad to provide me with answers and help whenever I needed. I grew with him being a single parent, and taking care of myself and two brothers alone. My Dad is my hero in more ways than I could ever explain. Since moving out on my own, I have been trying to solve my problems on my own. I call him for help every once in awhile, but mostly I have learned to make minor repairs on my own. One service I don’t think I’ll ever be able to manage is the HVAC equipment. It’s a dirty, nasty job to clean the ductwork and change the filters. I don’t like to do it myself. I have tried and failed miserably. I ended up looking like a coal miner. I looked for a reliable HVAC business to do it for me. I have become great friends with my local HVAC technician. He comes once every month or so to change my filters. I have comfort in knowing I have a dependable company to have my back. Although I have never needed an emergency repair, my HVAC company provides the service. I sleep easy knowing that if I needed a middle of the night heater repair a technician will arrive. No one should be without heat if the temperatures outside are in the negatives. It is important to have a business on call for all your HVAC needs, no matter the time or day. Do your research and find a company that offers emergency repairs, and has a larger staff so you never end up having to wait for a technician to arrive. HVAC products

People are naturally lazy. They don’t like to work. They don’t like to get things done on time. In fact, I would even go to say, that if they could, most people would probably just like to sit at home and be handed everything. Since most people don’t even like to work, what would make them decide to want to clean? Cleaning is essential in all parts of your home. Ridding your house of contaminants and dirty germs is good for your health. Most people do not realize the benefits of keeping your air ducts clean either. Air ducts provide the air that either heats or conditions your home. They are essential to your comfort. There are inside and outside ventilation. Since vents in your home aren’t particularly the most attractive piece of decor, most homeowners try to hide them or keep them covered. This only allows dust and dirt to build up on them. The air will not be able to circulate effectively, thus causing energy bills to rise significantly. When it comes to your outside vents, they must be free of debris, plants, and rocks. Sometimes even small animals like to make their home inside your ducts. What happens if they die in their and begin to rot? That smell will seep right into your home. Not only is that absolutely disgusting, but the smell will take days to remove. It is easy to just be lazy and not want to clean your air ducts, but your home and your family will suffer. Sometimes you just have to suck it up, and get things done.

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You never really think about the air quality in your home. I imagine that most people just think they are stuck with the cards they are dealt. If it is dry, then you’re stuck with having that burning sensation in your nose. If your home is dusty, then you are stuck with dusting every single day. But with changing your air filters on a consistent basis it can definitely help with controlling your air quality. The air filters are installed right within your ductwork in the ventilation system. They play a large role in cleansing the air your breathe. Most people don’t know about all the contaminants that are in the air you breathe. There can be tiny specks of dirt, pet dander, dust, and pollutants everywhere. The air filters within your HVAC can help reduce the levels of contaminants in your air. This can be especially beneficial for those with a high sensitivity to allergies. In many cases if your HVAC is not working properly, it can be improved simply by changing the air filters. Think about air filters as your arteries in your own body. When your arteries become clogged, you are not getting sufficient blood flow. By maintaining your HVAC with monthly air filter changes, you can ensure a comfortable and fresh home or office. You will be able to sleep and work effortlessly. Your allergies will decrease as well. No more waking up to a stuffy nose and running eyes. You can save your money spent on over the counter medicines and buy yourself something more enjoyable. heating unit

Depending on the area you live, the weather dictates a lot of what you do. My brother and his family live in the northwest. It is cool most of the year there and they get a lot of rain. If I’m visiting, it seems as though it rains for half of the trip. I live in the midwest where it is dry, and a fairly moderate climate. It never gets too hot or too cold in my region. Because of the moderate climate, my HVAC technician suggested I look into a heat pump when I was looking to replace my heater. I had no prior experience with heat pumps and my gas furnace had treated me fairly well in the past. After doing some more digging, the heat pump looked like the perfect HVAC equipment for me and my household. For one, it would adequately heat my house in the winter just as my old heater did. However, I also needed to replace my air conditioner in my house within the next five years as well. Instead of paying for a new central heater and a new central air conditioner, I had a heat pump installed. It acts as my heating equipment during the colder months, but it can also act as my cooling equipment when it gets warmer out. it simply moves the heat energy within the air to different places. It has been a great fit for my house and I am glad the tech suggested it. I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate HVAC system for my home.

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