I live in a rather large city in the south. I moved there straight out of college to find myself, “a grown up” job. I successfully did this and now I can honestly say that I love the work that I am doing. I am slowly making my way up the corporate ladder and have landed myself a nice cozy office. The only dreadful part of my job is the commute to and from work. The ride itself takes about 30 minutes but after being stuck in traffic, it usually takes about an hour and half. It is miserable. The other day I finally got home and my house was sweltering. It hadn’t seen cool air since I left that morning.There was something seriously wrong. The air conditioner was not working at all. I went to the thermostat, nothing seemed to happen when I turned it all the way down. I was hopeless and I knew I couldn’t fix it, so I called an HVAC business. Thankfully they were still open. A technician was on his way before I even hung the phone up. I was preparing for the worst. I figured I’d have to spend hundreds of dollars. The HVAC tech came and inspected the unit, and was making the repair in less than five minutes. My refrigerant levels were significantly low. Although I still have no idea what that really means, I gathered from the technician that it has to do with the actual cooling of the air. Either way, the air conditioner was back up and running within minutes. I was so pleased. The HVAC business number will definitely be saved in my phone if any further repairs need to be made.


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