I am about to go to an indoor concert. My mother loves to go to concerts. Leading up to summer my mother researches online and chooses concerts for us to go to. This summer I have seen The Rolling Stones, Santana and I am about to see The Doobie Brothers. Some concerts are outdoors. The last concert was. It was so hot out. They crammed everybody together and it was very warm. It felt like being inside a furnace. The next concert I am going to is an indoor arena. I hope there is air conditioning. Too many times I have sweat through my pants. I always end up sitting next to someone who is rather large. They always take up more than their fair share of seat. They really should have to pay for two seats. They are spilling over into mine. There skin is touching my skin and it causes me to sweat. I get irritated and unhappy. I am getting to the point where I do not like to go to concerts anymore. Maybe if they air conditioned the venue I would be happy. I heard that the backstage area for the musicians gets cooled. Why can’t the audience be cooled? They could use a ductless multi-split air conditioner. There could be multiple units around the building. Each area could even be a different temperature. Ductless units can be set for zone control. Where the musicians are could be really cold. You could still cool the audience but not as cold as the musicians. I am willing to take anything.

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