Depending on the area you live, the weather dictates a lot of what you do. My brother and his family live in the northwest. It is cool most of the year there and they get a lot of rain. If I’m visiting, it seems as though it rains for half of the trip. I live in the midwest where it is dry, and a fairly moderate climate. It never gets too hot or too cold in my region. Because of the moderate climate, my HVAC technician suggested I look into a heat pump when I was looking to replace my heater. I had no prior experience with heat pumps and my gas furnace had treated me fairly well in the past. After doing some more digging, the heat pump looked like the perfect HVAC equipment for me and my household. For one, it would adequately heat my house in the winter just as my old heater did. However, I also needed to replace my air conditioner in my house within the next five years as well. Instead of paying for a new central heater and a new central air conditioner, I had a heat pump installed. It acts as my heating equipment during the colder months, but it can also act as my cooling equipment when it gets warmer out. it simply moves the heat energy within the air to different places. It has been a great fit for my house and I am glad the tech suggested it. I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate HVAC system for my home.

heat pump 

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