I think of myself as a pretty handy person.  I have a tool kit that the cast of Home Improvements would love, I have built most of my own furniture, and can fix just about anything.  When I moved into my first apartment, I built my dining set as well as put together my bed frame and headboard.  I think my favorite tool would have to be a hammer – you can hang pictures, build items as well as kill big bugs with them.  However, the one thing I couldn’t fix is my heater.  I heard a strange noise coming from the furnace after I adjusted my thermostat and decided to check it out.  I realized that there was debris around my HVAC system and the air filter was very dirty.  I also noticed that the ventilation did not look right.  My first thought was to call the furnace manufacturer to see what HVAC technician they would recommend, however, I decided to take a crack at fixing it myself rather than pay to have a technician come out.  I changed the air filter, cleaned the debris but then realized that I couldn’t reroute the ventilation by myself.  I actually think I made my broken furnace worse.  I ended up calling an HVAC technician and setting up a repair appointment.  What I found out was that there are different options out there other than a furnace to heat my home, such as a heat pump or utilizing an electric furnace versus a gas based one.  This would reduce my carbon monoxide exposure, however, it heats slowly.  A heat pump may be my best option because it is the most efficient via utilizing heat from the outside air to heat my home during the winter, moving the heat around my home which keeps the temperature consistent. 

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