Thursday nights get a little crazy. My friends and I like to go out and drink at the local bar. They have an open mic night. There is a lot of local talent that comes to perform. It’s a restaurant too. We usually make a night out of it. We’ll go and have dinner and then drink some craft beer. Sometimes we drink too much. It’s just so fun you don’t even realize how many drinks you are consuming. My friends will walk me home if I become too intoxicated and I feel like I’m going to get sick. I get the spins. I need cool air blowing on me. I’m so thankful when I experience times like these that I have a great working air conditioning system. I will get home and just crank on the A/C. The cool air begins to calm me down. I no longer will feel sick and like I am going to throw up. I just relax in front of the blowers of the air conditioner until I start to feel better. Sometimes it takes minutes, other times a half hour or so. Usually I get take out and eat it while I’m sitting in front of the cool air. My HVAC system is a lifesaver. It has saved me from so many long drunken summer nights. Overall having a professionally installed HVAC system has been great for me. Aside from my nights where I desperately need the cool air, it’s also just really nice having a nicely temperature home at all times.

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Moving to a new location is never fun. All throughout college, I moved from apartment to apartment each year. My roommates and I would just try to find the cheapest places to live. Some of the apartments were complete dumps. We didn’t care. The worst part though, was the constant packing and unpacking of boxes. I hated the actual moving part of moving. I never minded setting up my things in a new place. I actually loved that part. I loved finding new homes for my decorations. When I made a big move out of state after graduating college, I never worried about moving to such a new place. I didn’t think about anything other than packing my old stuff to move. I didn’t think about if the HVAC equipment would be in working order when we arrived. I should have thought about more than just selfishly hating to pack my things. When we arrived the air conditioner was broken down. We had moved to an extremely warm climate. We needed the air conditioner to work. Not only was there the stress of making sure that we had brought all of our stuff, we also had to worry about having an HVAC technician come make a repair. I had to do research online. After making several unsuccessful phone calls, I decided to ask my neighbors what HVAC companies they go through. Thankfully, one offered a great technician. He was able to quickly fix the air conditioner. For any future moves, I will always be sure to check on the HVAC equipment. It is essential.

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I love to have things organized. I keep all of my clothes color coordinated, and I do not let anyone do my laundry. When my kids go to school, they always text me when they get off the bus to let me know they are safe. They also text me at lunch, after school, and basically any other time there is a change in their schedule. It’s funny, my neighbors all call me Controlling Carol, but I don’t mind. They’re clearly all insane for not wanting to have this much control in their own lives. For example, Cynthia is my next-door neighbor with horrible children. Cynthia keeps her home excruciatingly hot all summer long. In fact, I don’t think she even owns air conditioning. I don’t know how her children sleep at night without their rooms being regulated to the perfect temperature. I told her I could give her my HVAC technician’s number, but she seemed unimpressed. I have zone control in my home, and I know the exact setting to keep cool air in each of my children’s bedrooms. Jimmy needs it cooler, so with the touch of a button on my smart phone, I control his room to have a lower temperature of air conditioning. Susie, poor thing, needs it warmer. I can even have a little heat in her room on cooler nights in the summer. It is absolutely ideal. Now Christopher changes his temperature every evening. I simply ask how he is feeling that night and my HVAC equipment allows me to adjust to his liking. Thank god technology has finally caught up to my needs.air duct service

Cold floors?

I clean houses for a living.  Not a glorious job, but it works with my husband’s and my daughter’s schedule.  I have 3 main clients that I clean for.  I don’t want to take on anymore until my daughter goes to school.  The one house I clean is 4,000 square feet.  It has 5 bedrooms and a huge open downstairs.  It takes 3-4 hours a week to clean all the rooms.  One room that usually never needs much cleaning is the master bathroom.   Odd really you would think that room was used frequently.  The small bathroom off the spare bedroom is always used.  It didn’t really make sense to me until she explained why.  The floor in the master is a beautiful tile floor. It really does shine and is so easy to clean.  But, the floor is not only cold, but it is also above the garage.  So there isn’t any heat coming up to heat the tile floor.  They have a small space heater in there but that doesn’t really help keep your feet warm.  The furnace doesn’t help either, because, they only have one vent in there and it doesn’t help the floor heat.  So they have a luxurious bathroom and no one uses it.  I guess it goes to show you that you need to plan every room out when building.  If they were to fix the floor now they would have to tear it all up and put radiant heat in the flooring.  The furnace wouldn’t help and neither would extra heaters.

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Basements – we all have them.  Some are more finished than others, some act as a laundry room, and some are used for storage of any and everything your mom doesn’t want her mother in law to see when they come over for dinner.  Whatever you have in your basement, you want to make sure that it is safe and cared for, even if you aren’t checking on it daily.  This is why a lot of people have dehumidifiers in their homes.  Basements can get very damp and moldy because they are built underground, so having a dehumidifier is crucial to keeping your basement clean. My mom has her own business and keeps all of her products down in our basement, along with our laundry facilities.  Since we live in a less humid climate during the majority of the year, when the humidity strikes in the summer, it goes after the basement first.  We have to empty the dehumidifier about twice a day during the summer to make sure that it doesn’t leak and so that it stays on, allowing for the preservation of all of the things down there.  One day, my mom was out of town and I was in charge of emptying the dehumidifier.  I completely forgot and when she came home, it had stopped working and water was leaking everywhere.  It got close enough that it was next to the furnace, which is on the opposite side of the basement! I started to get very nervous because I do not know much about heating safety. In a panic, I put the dehumidifier bucket down and called a HVAC professional.


Broken A/C

Playing a sport and being active is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and soul.  You release endorphins when you work out, making you happy, as well as increase blood flow and lose weight.  These are all important health benefits that many Americans need to be conscious of.  Athletes are very aware of this as well, being sure to adequately hydrate, especially when they are playing in conditions they are not used to.  For example, during the finals of a major basketball event in high school, the home team’s court seemed to be a little hotter than normal.  We all knew that they had a warmer gym, but we weren’t expecting what we walked into.  Temperatures soaring to almost 100 degrees, it was hard to even breathe.  The air was thick and hot and hard to choke down, so every time you tried to move, you would be met with this wet and warm air hitting your mouth and face, not even adequate to help you cool down.  Why did we still play in this you ask?  We didn’t.  Crowd members were fanning themselves to cool down while the players started to drop like flies.  First, our center got a cramp in her left leg.  Next, our point guard fell hard on her feet and slipped on the humid and wet floor.  After that, our coach went down from overheating.  When the coach was confronted about this, he said that the HVAC system had actually gone down that day and that they had a technician working on it as we spoke.

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I work from home. It is very hard to manage your time and not just procrastinate. I do that a lot. I am constantly running late on deadlines and rushing around at the last minute to complete tasks. I feel terrible. I need to learn to manage my time better. I recently think I found the issue though. The issue is that if I get too warm, then I get comfortable and I have the urge to just sleep. I will literally fall asleep while at my computer working. It is so bad. I have started to crank up the air conditioner every time I have to get work done. The coldness keeps me awake. It allows me to focus. Without the urge to want to sleep, I can complete things and stay alert. I am a little nervous to get my energy bill next month. I hope that it does not significantly jump due to my increased air conditioning usage. Perhaps I should invest in zone control. That way, I can turn the thermostat in my office down and the rest of the rooms in my home can just be at a normal temperature. The air conditioner wouldn’t be struggling to maintain these ridiculously cold temperatures. It wouldn’t have to put so much wear and tear on the HVAC machine. I should also call an HVAC to come inspect my air conditioner. I would hate to have figured out how to get my work done and then all the sudden my A/C just breaks down. That would be awful. I would go back to my lazy, procrastinating ways. I can’t afford to do that. heating and cooling

I am what you call an environmentalist. I am a tree-hugging, no paper or plastic using hippy. I drink only organic and I don’t eat meat. Some people would say that my life is hard. I say my life is peaceful. Knowing that I am making minimal harm to our beautiful planet makes me happy. It is sometimes difficult to not succumb to our society’s norms. I would love to have a big juicy burger, but not after thinking about how they treat the poor cows before and during the butchering process. I just can’t bring myself to it. The absolute worst sacrifice has to be my lack of air conditioning. I don’t live in a cool climate. It is warm. I refuse to purchase a portable air conditioner. I don’t want to pay for and use unnecessary energy just to increase my comfort. The air conditioner is just a big chunk of plastic that will never truly dissipate from the Earth. It can’t be recycled or broken down. I can’t allow my selfishness to break my green life. I just crack my windows instead and pretend like there will be a breeze. I just lie in bed uncomfortable and sweating. It’s sometimes unbearable. Instead of sleeping i’ll just go outside and go for a walk instead. When I am tired and can’t sleep due to my lack of air conditioning I do question my values. Would it really do that much harm to just splurge and purchase an A/C? I have to remind myself of the good that I am doing by not owning an air conditioner, and then I come back to my senses.

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Things in life often happen unexpectedly. You always think it’s not going to happen to you. You don’t think that your parent is going to be diagnosed with a terminal disease. You don’t expect your house to catch fire and burn everything you’ve ever owned. On a less depression note, you don’t expect your first child to be the prodigy of their class either. Or that your husband becomes to the CEO of his company. Whether good or bad, there are things in life that seem to just happen without warning or any indication. One of those things happened to me last week. I was outside by the pool just relaxing before the kids got home from school. I had a few drinks. I love to just sunbathe and have a few drinks. The sun feels so nice. Around the time the kids would be getting off the bus I headed back in the house to find that it was scorching hot. I know the air conditioner had been turned on. I was very confused. I smelled the air, there wasn’t a distinct smell or noise. I wondered what could have happened. The thermostat said it was still turned to the air conditioner. I decided to call an HVAC technician. After the kids had gotten off the bus, the technician showed up. He took a few hours and the air conditioner was working again. He handed me the bill and I almost threw up. It was so expensive! My husband was going to be livid. Although the cost was ridiculous, it was worth it. We need a working air conditioner in our home. We live in too hot of an area to be without it.

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I live in a fairly large home with very high ceilings. I think it is a beautiful home and and I am proud to say i live there. I have encountered a few problems with it over the years, though.


For example, I deal with a lot of uneven temperatures in my house. My HVAC units are less than five years old, too. At first I thought they were installed incorrectly by the HVAC technician, but I have had multiple HVAC companies come in here and say everything looks great. Finally, one HVAC professional gave me a good piece of advice. He told me that the high ceilings coupled with the many rooms of the house contributes to the unevenness of the warm and cool air. He suggested installing a few ceiling fans to circulate the air around my house better. I took his advice and had a few fans installed on the first and second floors of my home. What a difference that made!


Because that particular HVAC technician was so helpful, I have actually hired him to handle all of my HVAC needs. Should my equipment ever break down, I know exactly who I am going to call. He is a reliable source of information. My heater and air conditioner regulate the temperature so much better after I took his advice. His HVAC company should be proud to call him an employee. He goes above and beyond for his customers and truly made me feel like a valued client. I hope he always takes good care of my heating and cooling equipment.

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