Thursday nights get a little crazy. My friends and I like to go out and drink at the local bar. They have an open mic night. There is a lot of local talent that comes to perform. It’s a restaurant too. We usually make a night out of it. We’ll go and have dinner and then drink some craft beer. Sometimes we drink too much. It’s just so fun you don’t even realize how many drinks you are consuming. My friends will walk me home if I become too intoxicated and I feel like I’m going to get sick. I get the spins. I need cool air blowing on me. I’m so thankful when I experience times like these that I have a great working air conditioning system. I will get home and just crank on the A/C. The cool air begins to calm me down. I no longer will feel sick and like I am going to throw up. I just relax in front of the blowers of the air conditioner until I start to feel better. Sometimes it takes minutes, other times a half hour or so. Usually I get take out and eat it while I’m sitting in front of the cool air. My HVAC system is a lifesaver. It has saved me from so many long drunken summer nights. Overall having a professionally installed HVAC system has been great for me. Aside from my nights where I desperately need the cool air, it’s also just really nice having a nicely temperature home at all times.

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