Broken A/C

Playing a sport and being active is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and soul.  You release endorphins when you work out, making you happy, as well as increase blood flow and lose weight.  These are all important health benefits that many Americans need to be conscious of.  Athletes are very aware of this as well, being sure to adequately hydrate, especially when they are playing in conditions they are not used to.  For example, during the finals of a major basketball event in high school, the home team’s court seemed to be a little hotter than normal.  We all knew that they had a warmer gym, but we weren’t expecting what we walked into.  Temperatures soaring to almost 100 degrees, it was hard to even breathe.  The air was thick and hot and hard to choke down, so every time you tried to move, you would be met with this wet and warm air hitting your mouth and face, not even adequate to help you cool down.  Why did we still play in this you ask?  We didn’t.  Crowd members were fanning themselves to cool down while the players started to drop like flies.  First, our center got a cramp in her left leg.  Next, our point guard fell hard on her feet and slipped on the humid and wet floor.  After that, our coach went down from overheating.  When the coach was confronted about this, he said that the HVAC system had actually gone down that day and that they had a technician working on it as we spoke.

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