Basements – we all have them.  Some are more finished than others, some act as a laundry room, and some are used for storage of any and everything your mom doesn’t want her mother in law to see when they come over for dinner.  Whatever you have in your basement, you want to make sure that it is safe and cared for, even if you aren’t checking on it daily.  This is why a lot of people have dehumidifiers in their homes.  Basements can get very damp and moldy because they are built underground, so having a dehumidifier is crucial to keeping your basement clean. My mom has her own business and keeps all of her products down in our basement, along with our laundry facilities.  Since we live in a less humid climate during the majority of the year, when the humidity strikes in the summer, it goes after the basement first.  We have to empty the dehumidifier about twice a day during the summer to make sure that it doesn’t leak and so that it stays on, allowing for the preservation of all of the things down there.  One day, my mom was out of town and I was in charge of emptying the dehumidifier.  I completely forgot and when she came home, it had stopped working and water was leaking everywhere.  It got close enough that it was next to the furnace, which is on the opposite side of the basement! I started to get very nervous because I do not know much about heating safety. In a panic, I put the dehumidifier bucket down and called a HVAC professional.


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