I love to have things organized. I keep all of my clothes color coordinated, and I do not let anyone do my laundry. When my kids go to school, they always text me when they get off the bus to let me know they are safe. They also text me at lunch, after school, and basically any other time there is a change in their schedule. It’s funny, my neighbors all call me Controlling Carol, but I don’t mind. They’re clearly all insane for not wanting to have this much control in their own lives. For example, Cynthia is my next-door neighbor with horrible children. Cynthia keeps her home excruciatingly hot all summer long. In fact, I don’t think she even owns air conditioning. I don’t know how her children sleep at night without their rooms being regulated to the perfect temperature. I told her I could give her my HVAC technician’s number, but she seemed unimpressed. I have zone control in my home, and I know the exact setting to keep cool air in each of my children’s bedrooms. Jimmy needs it cooler, so with the touch of a button on my smart phone, I control his room to have a lower temperature of air conditioning. Susie, poor thing, needs it warmer. I can even have a little heat in her room on cooler nights in the summer. It is absolutely ideal. Now Christopher changes his temperature every evening. I simply ask how he is feeling that night and my HVAC equipment allows me to adjust to his liking. Thank god technology has finally caught up to my needs.air duct service

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