I work from home. It is very hard to manage your time and not just procrastinate. I do that a lot. I am constantly running late on deadlines and rushing around at the last minute to complete tasks. I feel terrible. I need to learn to manage my time better. I recently think I found the issue though. The issue is that if I get too warm, then I get comfortable and I have the urge to just sleep. I will literally fall asleep while at my computer working. It is so bad. I have started to crank up the air conditioner every time I have to get work done. The coldness keeps me awake. It allows me to focus. Without the urge to want to sleep, I can complete things and stay alert. I am a little nervous to get my energy bill next month. I hope that it does not significantly jump due to my increased air conditioning usage. Perhaps I should invest in zone control. That way, I can turn the thermostat in my office down and the rest of the rooms in my home can just be at a normal temperature. The air conditioner wouldn’t be struggling to maintain these ridiculously cold temperatures. It wouldn’t have to put so much wear and tear on the HVAC machine. I should also call an HVAC to come inspect my air conditioner. I would hate to have figured out how to get my work done and then all the sudden my A/C just breaks down. That would be awful. I would go back to my lazy, procrastinating ways. I can’t afford to do that. heating and cooling

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