I am what you call an environmentalist. I am a tree-hugging, no paper or plastic using hippy. I drink only organic and I don’t eat meat. Some people would say that my life is hard. I say my life is peaceful. Knowing that I am making minimal harm to our beautiful planet makes me happy. It is sometimes difficult to not succumb to our society’s norms. I would love to have a big juicy burger, but not after thinking about how they treat the poor cows before and during the butchering process. I just can’t bring myself to it. The absolute worst sacrifice has to be my lack of air conditioning. I don’t live in a cool climate. It is warm. I refuse to purchase a portable air conditioner. I don’t want to pay for and use unnecessary energy just to increase my comfort. The air conditioner is just a big chunk of plastic that will never truly dissipate from the Earth. It can’t be recycled or broken down. I can’t allow my selfishness to break my green life. I just crack my windows instead and pretend like there will be a breeze. I just lie in bed uncomfortable and sweating. It’s sometimes unbearable. Instead of sleeping i’ll just go outside and go for a walk instead. When I am tired and can’t sleep due to my lack of air conditioning I do question my values. Would it really do that much harm to just splurge and purchase an A/C? I have to remind myself of the good that I am doing by not owning an air conditioner, and then I come back to my senses.

ductless air conditioning

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