Things in life often happen unexpectedly. You always think it’s not going to happen to you. You don’t think that your parent is going to be diagnosed with a terminal disease. You don’t expect your house to catch fire and burn everything you’ve ever owned. On a less depression note, you don’t expect your first child to be the prodigy of their class either. Or that your husband becomes to the CEO of his company. Whether good or bad, there are things in life that seem to just happen without warning or any indication. One of those things happened to me last week. I was outside by the pool just relaxing before the kids got home from school. I had a few drinks. I love to just sunbathe and have a few drinks. The sun feels so nice. Around the time the kids would be getting off the bus I headed back in the house to find that it was scorching hot. I know the air conditioner had been turned on. I was very confused. I smelled the air, there wasn’t a distinct smell or noise. I wondered what could have happened. The thermostat said it was still turned to the air conditioner. I decided to call an HVAC technician. After the kids had gotten off the bus, the technician showed up. He took a few hours and the air conditioner was working again. He handed me the bill and I almost threw up. It was so expensive! My husband was going to be livid. Although the cost was ridiculous, it was worth it. We need a working air conditioner in our home. We live in too hot of an area to be without it.

heater repair 

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