I live in a fairly large home with very high ceilings. I think it is a beautiful home and and I am proud to say i live there. I have encountered a few problems with it over the years, though.


For example, I deal with a lot of uneven temperatures in my house. My HVAC units are less than five years old, too. At first I thought they were installed incorrectly by the HVAC technician, but I have had multiple HVAC companies come in here and say everything looks great. Finally, one HVAC professional gave me a good piece of advice. He told me that the high ceilings coupled with the many rooms of the house contributes to the unevenness of the warm and cool air. He suggested installing a few ceiling fans to circulate the air around my house better. I took his advice and had a few fans installed on the first and second floors of my home. What a difference that made!


Because that particular HVAC technician was so helpful, I have actually hired him to handle all of my HVAC needs. Should my equipment ever break down, I know exactly who I am going to call. He is a reliable source of information. My heater and air conditioner regulate the temperature so much better after I took his advice. His HVAC company should be proud to call him an employee. He goes above and beyond for his customers and truly made me feel like a valued client. I hope he always takes good care of my heating and cooling equipment.

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