Moving to a new location is never fun. All throughout college, I moved from apartment to apartment each year. My roommates and I would just try to find the cheapest places to live. Some of the apartments were complete dumps. We didn’t care. The worst part though, was the constant packing and unpacking of boxes. I hated the actual moving part of moving. I never minded setting up my things in a new place. I actually loved that part. I loved finding new homes for my decorations. When I made a big move out of state after graduating college, I never worried about moving to such a new place. I didn’t think about anything other than packing my old stuff to move. I didn’t think about if the HVAC equipment would be in working order when we arrived. I should have thought about more than just selfishly hating to pack my things. When we arrived the air conditioner was broken down. We had moved to an extremely warm climate. We needed the air conditioner to work. Not only was there the stress of making sure that we had brought all of our stuff, we also had to worry about having an HVAC technician come make a repair. I had to do research online. After making several unsuccessful phone calls, I decided to ask my neighbors what HVAC companies they go through. Thankfully, one offered a great technician. He was able to quickly fix the air conditioner. For any future moves, I will always be sure to check on the HVAC equipment. It is essential.

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