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I am a grape farmer.  Fall is a very busy time of year.  That’s when the grapes ripen and need to be harvested.  Since there is a very short period of time before the grapes over-ripen and begin to fall to the ground, the harvest is very intensive.  I hire a large crew of people to help with the process.  Not so many years ago, the entire harvest was completed by hand.  Machines had not yet been designed to pick the grapes.  It took crews of people, carrying baskets, and picking each bunch individually.  The job was mostly handled by mothers, who put their kids on the bus and then reported to work in the field.  They worked long hours, despite the weather.  Fall weather can be very unpredictable.  There are days of extreme sun and heat, and others of terrible cold and rain.  While the method of harvest had changed greatly over the last few years, the weather can still be problematic.  I am fortunate that I run the grape harvester.  I am encased within a cab that is sealed against the weather.  I have access to both an air conditioner and a heater.  I work very long hours, both during the day and night, but I am completely comfortable in the cab.  I hire men to drive tractors that haul the boxes of grapes.  They work in tandem with the harvester, driving up and down the rows.  The tractors are open to the elements.  The drivers do not have the benefit of either air conditioning or heat.HVAC installation

I finally feel like an adult. I just purchased my first home. It is not very big, but my husband and I think that it is perfect for just the two of us. Maybe someday there will be kids. If there is, we have some extra rooms too. It was so fun choosing what color to paint the different rooms. I went to school for business, but I have always been interested in interior design. It’s amazing how you can make a space feel so welcoming or inviting just by creating the perfect design or using the perfect color for a room. When it came to deciding the different appliances, I let my husband decide. For example, I have no clue about air conditioning systems. He tried to show me some options. They all just looked like boxes. I had no idea what efficiency levels meant. I just wanted something that would effectively cool our home. I decided he could decide. One thing I did help him decide on was what kind of system we wanted. There are three main kinds of cooling systems you can choose from. The first is a portable air conditioner. These are simply the kind that get installed in your window. The next kind is a ductless air conditioning system. This does not include any ductwork so it typically easier to install and less messy. The last option is a central air conditioning system. This system involves a whole system of ducts that provide even cooling throughout your home. No matter the air conditioning system you choose, you must ensure that it will be able to cool your home without it being too expensive. Your best bet is to call an HVAC technician. 

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I am an avid professional football watcher. I keep track of all the teams and know all the stats. I always throw huge Sunday game day parties at my house. My wife cooks up a bunch of food. Last week we had chicken wing dip, sausages, chips, hot dogs, and chicken wraps. We all just pitch in something and then my wife prepares it all for us. It is the highlight of my week. That was until last week during the most anticipated game of the day, the air conditioning just quit working in my home. We get rowdy during the games. We get loud. This causes sweat to pool up. When the air conditioning was not producing cooled air, we all kind of got angry and even more sweaty. I was forced to call an HVAC business right there on the spot or I thought my friends might kill me. It was a Sunday, I wasn’t sure that anyone would actually be open. After making several phone calls, I finally got an answer. The HVAC technician was there in a matter of an hour. Once the technician arrived he was knowledgeable and diligent. He could tell I was patiently watching him fix the air conditioning in hopes of catching the end of the game. The HVAC technician actually calmed my nerves. I thought the repair was going to take hours. Turns out my refrigerant levels were just low. He was out of my house in less than a half hour. The air conditioning was back up and working. I was so thankful I sent him home with a plate of food.

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I tend to move a lot. I move from home to home at least once a year. I like to think of myself as a wealthy person. I do not buy luxury houses, but I like to move. I help out in different parts of the world with charities and things like that. I do well with my money and I am not selfish. I know that there is a lot to fix in this world. One thing I always make sure to have is an HVAC system. I need both cooling and heating. I go all day long helping out, so I need to be sure I get a good night sleep. It fills me with energy for the next day. I usually try to get new systems to learn how they work. I am very knowledgeable about these systems by now. I just put in a central air conditioning and heating system in the new house. It is simple and easy to manage. I think it is the most basic system that is out there. It does do the job very well. With this type of system I had to have air ducts put into the walls. These air ducts were put throughout the entire house. They had to tear apart parts of my walls. They needed to install them behind the walls. The air ducts move air around my house. This is how my house gets to be an even temperature. I have learned to always have an HVAC professional does it though? If they are not installed properly, there are several things that can go wrong with it. Then, I would have to call an HVAC professional anyway.

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I do not have the ideal job. It is not ideal to me at least. I work in a pizza shop. Everyone knows how hot a pizza shop can be. I feel absolutely disgusting when I come home every day. I had to switch face wash because I was breaking out from sweating all day. I had to find a different job soon, but I had things to pay for first. When I came home one day my house felt like the pizza shop. I could not believe it. I was looking forward to coming home to nice air conditioned home. I felt like I was at work again. It was nicer outside than it was inside. I called an HVAC technician from outside. I said I hadn’t looked at the unit. He came right away. They did not have many appointments that day. He found that the filters needed to be replaced and the whole system needed to be cleaned. The system was not being maintained and looked like it was being run often. It looked like the system was working pretty hard. I told him that I usually have it pretty cold because I work in a pizza shop and I want to feel the cold air. It is relaxing to me. He told me that was fine, but I would need to pay for the maintenance for it. I needed to keep up with the system. I did not realize that the system would need so much maintenance. I could not afford to pay for it so often when I only work at a pizzeria. I guess it is time to start warming the house up a little bit. cooling equipment

Things are so expensive these days and money is extremely tight around here. I have a kid in college right now and I have another one heading there in a year or two. I have to think of their futures and make sure I have enough money in the bank to give them a quality education. So when the HVAC system in my house began to crumble and break down, I had a serious decision to make. There I was, sitting at my kitchen table looking over the financial implications of replacing my house’s entire heating and cooling system. We live in a house that was built in the 1800s. It needs some work. However, I was not anticipating spending several thousand dollars on a new heater, air conditioner and air ducts at this time. After all, I had my kids to think about. I called an HVAC company in town and explained to them what I was going through. The owner sympathized and tried to help me out as much as he could. What I finally ended up going with was a ductless heat pump. While a heat pump is more expensive than a heater or air conditioner by themselves, it helped me consolidate my HVAC units into one single machine. It also helped me avoid tearing through my house to install new ductwork. That was the last thing I wanted to do. Overall, I’m happy and my kids should be happy as well. I make a lot of sacrifices for them and I just hope they realize that.

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I remember looking out the window as a 16-year-old kid and witnessing the worst snowstorm imaginable. I grew up in a region of the country where winter meant several feet of snow were headed our way. It was almost dangerous sometimes. If a storm was really bad, there would almost certainly be some fatalities on the news the next day as things began to creep back to normal. Since that day staring out the window, I knew I didn’t want to live in an area where this was normal in the winter season. I don’t have a huge problem with the snow or the cold, but getting an extreme amount of both for three months seems a bit excessive. That is why I moved down south after college. Now, I own a home where I don’t even need a furnace to keep me warm in the winter months. Well, to be fair I still use a heater. When I moved into my home, there was no plumbing or HVAC equipment set up yet. It wasn’t a house before I bought it. It was simply a building. When I went to go install a central air conditioner and a gas furnace, the HVAC company doing the installation questioned me. They said that many people around this region use heat pumps to heat and cool their homes. It would be more costly up front, but it would save me a tremendous amount of cash down the line. I agreed and had them put it in. I couldn’t be happier with that decision.HVAC air quality

We always know when the last festival is over that fall is coming quick and soon winter will too.  We make a checklist of everything that needs to get done before the winter season.  We replaced a couple old windows this past summer.  We are very hopeful having all new windows will help hold the heat in.  We caulked around all of the windows and repaired any of the molding trim that was dry rotted.  Owning a home can be a lot of work, however, if you keep up with small projects it saves from having large projects later on.  This year we hired a HVAC company to come and service and clean our furnace.  We normally check everything over ourselves but our furnace is getting older.  We thought it better to have a professional HVAC technician take a look at it this time.  I would much rather pay for a service now.  They can do small repairs now rather than have to install a new furnace in the middle of winter.  I always like to be proactive rather than reactive.  I guess I learned that from my parents.  When I was a teenager our furnace died in February.  It was bitter cold outside and we didn’t have heat for a day and a half.  We used small portable heater but that didn’t work well.  It was easier for me to have the HVAC technician come now rather than to face what my parents went through.  And they would clean all of the ductwork for us so that saved me a lot of work.


It is the middle of September.  The last two weeks have been the hottest of the summer.  The temperatures have held steady in the mid eighties.  We decided to leave the pool open.  The trees have not showed much sign of changing color.  It has felt like summer would last forever.  We have continued to rely on our central air system to keep our house comfortable.  Without it, the heat and humidity would have been unbearable.  Sleeping would have been next to impossible.  Yesterday, it started to rain.  It has continued to rain for two straight days.  The temperatures significantly dropped.  Suddenly, we are all wearing long pants and sweatshirts.  I am tempted to kick on the furnace.  It is so early in the season, I have not yet had the heating system professionally serviced.  I am always a bit reluctant to operate the furnace before it has been properly inspected.  Who knows what type of contaminants have accumulated within the inner workings over the summer?  I also hate to start paying a heating bill in September.  I checked the weather report for the upcoming week.  The cold temperatures are expected to last another two days.  We will then jump back up into the eighties again.  It seems silly to switch back and forth from cooling, to heating, and back to cooling again.  I also don’t want to shiver in my house.  With such unpredictable weather, there is rarely a time when we can stay comfortable without the help of the HVAC system.  It is an expense I would love to do without.

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Most people would prefer to take care of their own things. Waiting around for others to complete tasks for you seems like a daunting task. You want to just get it done. This seems to be the case for things around your house. You wouldn’t wait for someone to go grocery shopping for you, so why would you wait for someone to purchase your HVAC equipment, right? I would have to disagree. Having a professional set you up with a new HVAC system is your best bet. An HVAC technician will come to your home and get the correct measurements. They will see how much insulation you have in your home. They will make measurements of how big your home is. You don’t know what to measure. You might purchase a furnace or air conditioner that is too small for your home. You might get one that is too big. Both situations would cause you to overpay on your energy bills each month. You need a professional to install your HVAC equipment too. Ductwork is extremely hard to install and place correctly. The design has to be perfect without flaws. Some professional HVAC technicians can barely do the work 100 percents correctly. You need to find someone who specializes in ductwork. It is true, you might pay a little extra to have a professional do your HVAC installation for you. But in the end, it will save you money. You will reap the benefits each month on your energy bills. Do yourself a favor and start utilizing the opportunities around you.

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