I have several friends from high school. Although I am now in my thirties, we still go out for lunch every month. We all take turns hosting the group at our own houses, and many of us try to provide a good meal plus a comfortable setting. My one friend doesn’t have air conditioning in her house. If we end up at her house on a hot summer day, she organizes lunch on her outdoor patio. While she has really nice garden furniture with an umbrella for shade, it is not a pleasant experience. We end up battling flies, bees, and ants while we are eating. It’s difficult to talk above the sounds of traffic, and I end up being overheated and sweaty. I have another friend who has an extremely old furnace, and I will be not thrilled to have lunch at her house over the winter. Her furnace blasts heat at maximum capacity until it brings the indoor temperature as close to the thermostat setting, and after that it completely shuts off. This means that everyone is way too hot or overly cold, and the situation alternates throughout the meal. Her furnace is furthermore very noisy, and has a bad smell to it. One of the girls just installed a modern day heat pump in her property, and this is by far the most effective system. In the summer, her heat pump keeps the home perfectly cool. When the weather gets a little bit milder, the heat pump switches to heating mode. If outside temperatures get really cold, the furnace automatically kicks in. I wish we could just have lunch at her house each and every time.

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Just like everybody else, my family has their Christmas traditions. On December first, no matter how terrible the weather outside is, we all bundle up and go forth to cut a tree down. We trudge through feet of snow, carrying an old rusty saw, and then chop down a gorgeous tree for our own uses. We strap this unfortunate spruce to the roof of our car and bring it home. By this time, we are all on the edge of hypothermia. I fix them hot chocolate and herd them toward the heat from the furnace. My husband and I tackle the tree. Although the tree is dirty, wet, in addition to dripping with sap, we drag it through the house and set it up in our living room. You will discover pine needles scattered all over the place. I’ve ruined three vacuum cleaners sucking up the debris from the yearly Christmas tree. There’s no way to clean up all of the needles. For the next few months, they will stab my children in the feet as punishment for killing the tree. Since spruce trees are not supposed to be kept in a room where the furnace is blasting at full speed 24 hours a day, we give it plenty of water. Of course, the dog continually drinks this water as well as dehydrates the tree. There is no good place to keep the tree other than near the supply register for the furnace. The HVAC system then circulates the particular smell of the tree at home. I would like to replace this old, outdated tradition with a new one. I would choose to spend my Christmas in an air conditioned hotel room, and order room service. Rather than cutting down a spruce, I want to look out the eye port at palm trees.


I own a high-rise apartment complex with several units in it. While the house is very old, I have updated the home windows, insulation, appliances, and HVAC system. There is a washer as well as a dryer in the basement, along with off-street parking. For the most part, my renters are quite trustworthy and don’t cause me lots of aggravation. I have one tenant, however, who is a total idiot. Since he is a mature man and appeared very neat and clean, I thought he has to be great asset to the building. I assumed that he would have experience and knowledge that would apply to solving problems by himself. He recently called me and complained that his lights and electrical plugs weren’t working in his living place. He had no problems with the electric in the other bedrooms. He also informed me that they had no heat, no matter how he adjusted the thermostat. I asked if he had checked the breaker. He had no idea what I was talking about. I explained to him what a utility breaker looked like and how to fix it himself. I also asked if he recently plugged in a brand-new appliance. He said that to save on the utility costs of running the present day gas furnace he had installed only a short while ago, he had plugged in a hot pot and was using it for heat. Not only can be this extremely inefficient and very ineffective, it’s also terribly unsafe. I’m now wondering if this man can be trusted to live in an apartment by himself.

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My hubby is so very good to me. He always offers to take me out to dinner, but I never desire to go. I don’t want to leave my perfectly comfortable household. My husband buys me chocolates and flowers, but these gifts just don’t compare to the ideal temperatures created by our furnace. Sometimes, my husband tries to get me to attend the movies. I would much choose to sit on the couch watching television. I don’t need a coat or shoes as well as having to fix my hair. I can plop down in my sweatpants, with no makeup, and devour a big bowl of popcorn, while the furnace keeps me wonderfully comfortable. I hope I never need to choose between my husband and my furnace. My heating system is actually there when I need it. It never wants me to cook it dinner or wash its socks. My furnace is quiet and reliable, and does everything I ask from it. I set the thermostat, and my heat automatically adjusts to maintain the indoor temperature in a half of a degree within the setting. I can’t get my husband to take out the garbage. I can access the adjustments of my furnace from almost anyplace. I just use my smart phone or computer, and I adapt temperatures, fan speed, humidity, and quality of air. When I text my husband, it takes him hours to return to me. My furnace never wants to look at football on television or go out with its friends. It is always within my disposal, ready to keep me warm and toasty.

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There are lots of ways to save money around the house. First, you know that newspaper that gets delivered to your dwelling once a week? That continues to be a great source. Even with the amazing technology out in today’s world, the newspaper can still be described as a fantastic tool. Not only can you read about the proceedings in your city, but you can even check out the coupons. At this point, some people laugh at the the old lady who uses 36 coupons in the supermarket. You can laugh all you need, but she is the an individual that just got five tubes of brand name toothpaste for just five bucks. The next time the paper gets tossed on the front porch, crack it open and start saving money. What’s another approach to save some cash? Next, you should have a look at your thermostat. Your thermostat is much more than just a little box hanging on the wall. It is in charge of controlling your heater and air conditioner, two systems that cost a lot of money a piece. If your thermostat isn’t working right, nothing will work as it should so be sure you have that squared away with your HVAC provider. If it’s functioning just fine, then you really should set it correctly. During summer time days, make sure you give your cooling equipment a rest daily while nobody’s home. It will give your wallet a rest at the conclusion of every month too. In the winter, do the same thing with your heating equipment. It makes no sense to have it blasting all day if you are not home.


While I was in college, all my roommates and I did was drink beer. We didn’t consider ourselves hooligans, we just like to hang out and relax a little. We never found ourselves in trouble with the police or with our neighbors. We simply liked to sit around and drink up the  beer. We would usually just sit there and watch sports on television or play video games. When we got hungry, we would make sure we found a sober individual to take us to go get a bite to eat. Those were the good days of the past. I miss them dearly. Right now, I simply drink beers on my own. Because I didn’t have a terrific place to just sit down, relax and drink beer, I made a decision to build myself a pool house this summer. Being a single guy, I can pretty much do anything I would like to do. That’s why I built a pool house that has an air conditioner and everything. It is really amazing now that it’s all finished. Towards the end of the summer, I was just sitting within the entryway of my pool house, enjoying the air the chilling equipment was blowing over me, and drinking a beer. In my estimation, you can’t get any more relaxed than that. I had a thrilling time. I had to close the pool a few weekends ago, but my pool house continues to be used for beer drinking since I had a heater installed out there, too. I think the HVAC technician was pretty jealous of my new setup after he finished installing all my new HVAC equipment. He’ll probably steal the idea.


I feel like technology has been changing so much over the past few years. There have been a wide variety of upgrades, new inventions, and advances that it is hard to keep up with what the latest and greatest tools are. It is also hard to keep up with understanding how everything operates. I find that once I am comfortable troubleshooting my own electronics, a new version comes out, so I am forced to know a new product and new instructional booklet. That is how I feel about my HVAC system. I have had the same one for over ten years, but I still don’t know how it works. There are so many changes which may have happened in that industry that it is hard to find a guide, let alone any information on my unit and what I can do to solve problems. One day, I noticed that the cool air blowing out of my vents was not cool in any respect. It was actually getting warmer as the day went on. I called the HVAC professional because I couldn’t figure it out without an appointment. He told me that we had a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is fitted into the cooling unit and is in charge of cooling the air down. My refrigerant was not charged adequately and when the HVAC unit is on, it shakes a good deal, which caused the leak. These leaks are hazardous for the environment, plus can damage the HVAC system itself, specifically the condenser. My leak occurred inside the evaporator coil, but leaks can occur in the condenser coil or other areas within the HVAC unit. You have to have an HVAC professional service this given it is so hazardous.

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Within most apartment complexes we have lived in, there have been facilities managers. They dispatch all of the maintenance workers to fix one’s home issues, such as a leaky sink, broken light accessories, and heating and cooling issues. It seems like for the past few years however, more responsibility has been laid on their shoulders due to an increased need for their services or a heightened expectation of expertise. I know that the last thing some facilities manager or maintenance worker wants to manage is the old HVAC system becoming worn in the building – especially with units that have never been updated. This normally happens when a tenant was in the same apartment for some time and refuses the upgrades. This is why anticipating a new HVAC replacement is indeed important within the span of the whole apartment complex. It can not only save you time and headaches regarding HVAC issues, but being proactive may also help in saving money. After some research on when rates would be the highest and lowest of substitute HVAC systems, furnaces, and air conditioners, there are some optimal times to replace the units. Fall is the best the perfect time to replace an air conditioner because producers put everything at a discount since it will not be the same as next year’s model. Also, spring is the better time to replace your furnace for the same reason. When looking into replacement systems, the best thing to do is contact your HVAC contractor or search for other providers. That way you’ll be able to compare pricing as well as get expert opinions that could lead you to making the most cost effective and beneficial decision.

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I adore the fall. We normally try to do all the fall activities we can before the snowstorms come in. This week the temperatures slipped down but that didn’t stop us from going to choose the kid’s pumpkins. They have such a great time with the hayrides, corn maze, and pumpkin picking. This year they had some tents set up in case of bad weather. They opened up the new section of the barn with large windows to view the pumpkin patch. Our kids are big enough to play with all the tractors and toys alone, so we went into the barn to watch from there. The barn had a newly poured concrete floor. I didn’t realize it until my feet warmed up, but they installed heated floor surfaces. They added a new boiler when they put the radiant heat into run the floor heater. It had been so nice in there that we didn’t want to leave. They served hot cocoa and sandwiches inside. Once the children were done playing, they came into eat with us. I didn’t know how nice floor heat was until I experienced it firsthand. Normally, my feet are freezing at home with our cold ceramic tile. By the afternoon, the snow started to fall and all the parents were coming in to warm-up. Business would definitely suffer in the cold weather but having this boiler cranking definitely helped draw visitors to this particular pumpkin patch. Next year we hope it’s a nice sunny day outside and a bit warmer. If not, we will relish sitting in the viewing room while the kids play.heater

Every winter for the past 10 years I have heard my father complain about his furnace. He spends the better part of the winter season fixing it. It is just a dinosaur in terms of it’s age and energy efficiency. This year my siblings and I all sat down with my parents and suggested that they buy a new furnace. My father insisted that there were nothing wrong with their current model and couldn’t understand why we thought they needed a new one. We convinced my dad to start shopping for a new central heater. He asked me to come with him claiming that he felt I was the least condescending to him since I know nothing about HVAC units. I would also strictly be going to keep him company on the long drive into the city. I agreed to go with. We walked in the store wide eyed and clearly not understanding what we were looking for. A very friendly fellow came to us and offered us a number of help. Within minutes he had assessed which unit we would need after that he provided my father with an assessment to his current unit. My dad would save over $2,000 each and every winter in energy costs. Let alone the hours of labor he normally would be spending trying to mend the old one. He scheduled the installation for the following week. When the technicians delivered the system and began to install it, I can see the relief spread around my father’s face. They even checked doors and windows for drafts and recommended that all of us reinforce the caulk and weather stripping.

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