I own a high-rise apartment complex with several units in it. While the house is very old, I have updated the home windows, insulation, appliances, and HVAC system. There is a washer as well as a dryer in the basement, along with off-street parking. For the most part, my renters are quite trustworthy and don’t cause me lots of aggravation. I have one tenant, however, who is a total idiot. Since he is a mature man and appeared very neat and clean, I thought he has to be great asset to the building. I assumed that he would have experience and knowledge that would apply to solving problems by himself. He recently called me and complained that his lights and electrical plugs weren’t working in his living place. He had no problems with the electric in the other bedrooms. He also informed me that they had no heat, no matter how he adjusted the thermostat. I asked if he had checked the breaker. He had no idea what I was talking about. I explained to him what a utility breaker looked like and how to fix it himself. I also asked if he recently plugged in a brand-new appliance. He said that to save on the utility costs of running the present day gas furnace he had installed only a short while ago, he had plugged in a hot pot and was using it for heat. Not only can be this extremely inefficient and very ineffective, it’s also terribly unsafe. I’m now wondering if this man can be trusted to live in an apartment by himself.

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