I have several friends from high school. Although I am now in my thirties, we still go out for lunch every month. We all take turns hosting the group at our own houses, and many of us try to provide a good meal plus a comfortable setting. My one friend doesn’t have air conditioning in her house. If we end up at her house on a hot summer day, she organizes lunch on her outdoor patio. While she has really nice garden furniture with an umbrella for shade, it is not a pleasant experience. We end up battling flies, bees, and ants while we are eating. It’s difficult to talk above the sounds of traffic, and I end up being overheated and sweaty. I have another friend who has an extremely old furnace, and I will be not thrilled to have lunch at her house over the winter. Her furnace blasts heat at maximum capacity until it brings the indoor temperature as close to the thermostat setting, and after that it completely shuts off. This means that everyone is way too hot or overly cold, and the situation alternates throughout the meal. Her furnace is furthermore very noisy, and has a bad smell to it. One of the girls just installed a modern day heat pump in her property, and this is by far the most effective system. In the summer, her heat pump keeps the home perfectly cool. When the weather gets a little bit milder, the heat pump switches to heating mode. If outside temperatures get really cold, the furnace automatically kicks in. I wish we could just have lunch at her house each and every time.

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