I adore the fall. We normally try to do all the fall activities we can before the snowstorms come in. This week the temperatures slipped down but that didn’t stop us from going to choose the kid’s pumpkins. They have such a great time with the hayrides, corn maze, and pumpkin picking. This year they had some tents set up in case of bad weather. They opened up the new section of the barn with large windows to view the pumpkin patch. Our kids are big enough to play with all the tractors and toys alone, so we went into the barn to watch from there. The barn had a newly poured concrete floor. I didn’t realize it until my feet warmed up, but they installed heated floor surfaces. They added a new boiler when they put the radiant heat into run the floor heater. It had been so nice in there that we didn’t want to leave. They served hot cocoa and sandwiches inside. Once the children were done playing, they came into eat with us. I didn’t know how nice floor heat was until I experienced it firsthand. Normally, my feet are freezing at home with our cold ceramic tile. By the afternoon, the snow started to fall and all the parents were coming in to warm-up. Business would definitely suffer in the cold weather but having this boiler cranking definitely helped draw visitors to this particular pumpkin patch. Next year we hope it’s a nice sunny day outside and a bit warmer. If not, we will relish sitting in the viewing room while the kids play.heater

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