I feel like technology has been changing so much over the past few years. There have been a wide variety of upgrades, new inventions, and advances that it is hard to keep up with what the latest and greatest tools are. It is also hard to keep up with understanding how everything operates. I find that once I am comfortable troubleshooting my own electronics, a new version comes out, so I am forced to know a new product and new instructional booklet. That is how I feel about my HVAC system. I have had the same one for over ten years, but I still don’t know how it works. There are so many changes which may have happened in that industry that it is hard to find a guide, let alone any information on my unit and what I can do to solve problems. One day, I noticed that the cool air blowing out of my vents was not cool in any respect. It was actually getting warmer as the day went on. I called the HVAC professional because I couldn’t figure it out without an appointment. He told me that we had a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is fitted into the cooling unit and is in charge of cooling the air down. My refrigerant was not charged adequately and when the HVAC unit is on, it shakes a good deal, which caused the leak. These leaks are hazardous for the environment, plus can damage the HVAC system itself, specifically the condenser. My leak occurred inside the evaporator coil, but leaks can occur in the condenser coil or other areas within the HVAC unit. You have to have an HVAC professional service this given it is so hazardous.

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