My furnace

My hubby is so very good to me. He always offers to take me out to dinner, but I never desire to go. I don’t want to leave my perfectly comfortable household. My husband buys me chocolates and flowers, but these gifts just don’t compare to the ideal temperatures created by our furnace. Sometimes, my husband tries to get me to attend the movies. I would much choose to sit on the couch watching television. I don’t need a coat or shoes as well as having to fix my hair. I can plop down in my sweatpants, with no makeup, and devour a big bowl of popcorn, while the furnace keeps me wonderfully comfortable. I hope I never need to choose between my husband and my furnace. My heating system is actually there when I need it. It never wants me to cook it dinner or wash its socks. My furnace is quiet and reliable, and does everything I ask from it. I set the thermostat, and my heat automatically adjusts to maintain the indoor temperature in a half of a degree within the setting. I can’t get my husband to take out the garbage. I can access the adjustments of my furnace from almost anyplace. I just use my smart phone or computer, and I adapt temperatures, fan speed, humidity, and quality of air. When I text my husband, it takes him hours to return to me. My furnace never wants to look at football on television or go out with its friends. It is always within my disposal, ready to keep me warm and toasty.

electric heater

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