Every winter for the past 10 years I have heard my father complain about his furnace. He spends the better part of the winter season fixing it. It is just a dinosaur in terms of it’s age and energy efficiency. This year my siblings and I all sat down with my parents and suggested that they buy a new furnace. My father insisted that there were nothing wrong with their current model and couldn’t understand why we thought they needed a new one. We convinced my dad to start shopping for a new central heater. He asked me to come with him claiming that he felt I was the least condescending to him since I know nothing about HVAC units. I would also strictly be going to keep him company on the long drive into the city. I agreed to go with. We walked in the store wide eyed and clearly not understanding what we were looking for. A very friendly fellow came to us and offered us a number of help. Within minutes he had assessed which unit we would need after that he provided my father with an assessment to his current unit. My dad would save over $2,000 each and every winter in energy costs. Let alone the hours of labor he normally would be spending trying to mend the old one. He scheduled the installation for the following week. When the technicians delivered the system and began to install it, I can see the relief spread around my father’s face. They even checked doors and windows for drafts and recommended that all of us reinforce the caulk and weather stripping.

energy savings

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