Within most apartment complexes we have lived in, there have been facilities managers. They dispatch all of the maintenance workers to fix one’s home issues, such as a leaky sink, broken light accessories, and heating and cooling issues. It seems like for the past few years however, more responsibility has been laid on their shoulders due to an increased need for their services or a heightened expectation of expertise. I know that the last thing some facilities manager or maintenance worker wants to manage is the old HVAC system becoming worn in the building – especially with units that have never been updated. This normally happens when a tenant was in the same apartment for some time and refuses the upgrades. This is why anticipating a new HVAC replacement is indeed important within the span of the whole apartment complex. It can not only save you time and headaches regarding HVAC issues, but being proactive may also help in saving money. After some research on when rates would be the highest and lowest of substitute HVAC systems, furnaces, and air conditioners, there are some optimal times to replace the units. Fall is the best the perfect time to replace an air conditioner because producers put everything at a discount since it will not be the same as next year’s model. Also, spring is the better time to replace your furnace for the same reason. When looking into replacement systems, the best thing to do is contact your HVAC contractor or search for other providers. That way you’ll be able to compare pricing as well as get expert opinions that could lead you to making the most cost effective and beneficial decision.

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